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Clown Reports

October 4, 2016

Staff, Students, and Parents,

There appears to be an internet phenomenon regarding clowns circulating across the United States, which has made its way to Roseburg.  We have had no incidents regarding clowns at this time, however, yesterday students at the high school reported that two men were seen at a Green area bus stop dressed as clowns.  We reported this to the Roseburg Police Department and the Douglas County Sherriff’s Department.  The departments are investigating this and have been unable to substantiate the report.

Our Transportation Supervisor notified our bus company and their drivers have been notified to be vigilant.  Additionally our Transportation supervisor drove the route in question this morning and law enforcement is patrolling the area as well.

While this appears to be an internet hoax associated with Halloween we are monitoring the situation.  What we do know is that there have been multiple arrests made for filing false police reports regarding clown sightings in Southern States.  Parents please advise your students that posting on social media or making false police reports is a serious matter and could result in serious consequences.

We will keep you updated in the event more information becomes available.


Gerry C. Washburn, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools

Completed Results of Water Testing for Lead Districtwide

Roseburg Public Schools has completed testing water fixtures throughout the district. Find information and summary of those results, as well as complete results by school, by clicking HERE.

Weekly update with news from around our district from Superintendent Gerry Washburn.

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Request for Nonresident Student Admission Interdistrict Transfer

Families requesting their childs attendance in a school outside the Roseburg Public Schools attendance boundaries are required to complete a Request for Nonresident Student Admission Interdistrict Transfer with Mutual Consent of Both Affected Districts form at the district that they are requesting to attend. As per school board Policy JECB: Request for Transfer of Resident Students and Admission of Non-resident Students. Families wishing their child to attend Roseburg Public Schools may click here for more information.

Student Accident Insurance

United HealthcareIn accordance with Board Policy JHA, insurance coverage (either private or school) is mandatory for those students engaged in athletics. The cost of school insurance is the responsibility of the family. Click here to enroll in Student Insurance.


*Inclement Weather Info*

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Emergency Closure Notice


The arrival of fall reminds us that in a few months inclement weather or dangerous road conditions might cause us to need to use our One-Call Now telephone system for contacting parents.  With One Call Now we can contact parents personally and relatively quickly when school must be delayed or closed because of weather conditions (or for any other important announcement).  Parents who wish to receive One Call Now messages will want to alert their student’s school of any changes to their home or cell phone numbers.

Information about school delays or closures will still be available through local television and radio media, as well as on our district website (www.roseburg.k12.or.us) under the quick link titled Emergency Info. Decisions about school delays or cancellations because of inclement weather are made by 5:30 a.m. each morning when weather or road conditions are an issue.  However, signing up to be a part of the One Call Now telephone system is the best way to ensure you receive information every time we need to get an important message to you immediately.  Please don’t hesitate to contact your school’s principal or Roseburg Public Schools at (541)440-4014 if you have any questions.

Also, if Roseburg Public Schools must be delayed on a Wednesday, the regular weekly Early Release schedule will be cancelled and schools will end the school day at their normal afternoon times.