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Nutrition Services- Summer Food Service Program

Learning does not end when schools close for the summer, and neither does a child's need for good nutrition. The Summer Food Service Program, operated by Roseburg Public Schools, provides free, nutritious meals to all children ages 1-18. This program helps children in our area get the nutrition they need to learn, play, and grow throughout the summer months when they are out of school.

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Free and Reduced Meal Application

The New 2014-15 Free & Reduced applications will be available to complete online, and by hard copy, beginning July 1st.

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Roseburg Public Schools to Begin All-Day Kindergarten in 2015

At the February 12, 2014, School Board meeting, directors voted to begin all-day kindergarten district-wide effective with the 2015-2016 school year.  In preparation for the shift to all-day kindergarten beginning in the fall of 2015, and in recognition that the all-day kindergarten experience for children should be uniquely different from our current model, staff will spend the next several months planning for the transition from half-day to all-day classes.  That transition will include the hiring of approximately 10 new kindergarten teachers, the creation of new classrooms in every Roseburg elementary school, and the development and implementation of a robust and effective curriculum for all kindergarten classes district-wide.
This is a great opportunity to give all our youngsters a first-class start to their schooling experience! 


parentsHave you checked out our PARENTS page? Click here to visit it now! You'll find important information and resources listed there, like school supply lists, grade-level calendars, curriculum brochures, and links to parent organizations.



READY! for Kindergarten

The Roseburg School District is offering READY! for Kindergarten classes for parents of children ages 4 or 5 who will be entering kindergarten in September. This program shares information about the lively early-learning years before a child enters school, which lay the foundation for all future learning.

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Four Year Olds Wanted!

If your child has turned 4 by September 1st of this year, he/she may be qualified to enroll in a FREE Roseburg School District program. Visit our Parents page for more information.

Inter-District Agreement Forms for Non-Resident Student Transfer Requests

Families wishing their child to attend a school outside the Roseburg Public Schools attendance boundaries are required to complete a Resident District Transfer Request. As per school board Policy JECB: Request for Transfer of Resident Students and Admission of Non-resident Students.

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Student Accident Insurance

United HealthcareIn accordance with Board Policy JHA, insurance coverage (either private or school) is mandatory for those students engaged in athletics. The cost of school insurance is the responsibility of the family. Click here to enroll in Student Insurance.

Elementary School Closure

This site contains copies of materials presented to the Roseburg School Board by District staff to guide its deliberations concerning the Board's decision to close an elementary school for the 2013-2014 school year.

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Inclement Weather Notice

In the event schools must be delayed or cancelled due to inclement weather or dangerous road conditions, parents may want to rely on the FlashAlert system for information.  The FlashAlert system is posted on the school district website, www.roseburg.k12.or.us, under the quick link Emergency Info. As in past years, families are also encouraged to listen to their local television or radio stations for news about school start times or cancellations.  This information will be posted by 5:30 AM each morning when weather or road conditions are an issue.

Roseburg Public Schools Adopts Collaboration Time Schedule

Roseburg Public Schools Board of Directors has adopted a school calendar that will release students one hour early each Wednesday during the school year.  During these Wednesdays teachers and other staff will work together with the intense focus of improving student achievement by discussing curriculum and teaching practices, and by allowing staff time to work in collaboration to improve the quality of the learning experience for students.  This weekly Collaboration Time mirrors models already in place in several school districts in Douglas County and around Oregon.

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Roseburg Students in Action


Here are a few of our students in action!


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