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Erin Arney 6th Math/Science
Nancy Backen Wellness
Jason Baker 8th Social Studies
Andrea Berggreen Reading
Codi Berggreen PE/Wellness
Jennifer Fischer

Science 8th White Team

Colleen Fitzgerald 6th Language Arts/Social Studies
Jerry Foster Applied Arts
Jenny Friedman-Gaskins Title 1 Learning Specialist
Debra Gaddis Music
Allison Gowey 8th Grade Science
Renee Giraudo 6th Math/Science
George Graham 7th Language Arts
Brian Groshong Wellness
Matt Hall 6th Math/Science
Mike Hall

Math- 8th Grade Red Team

Victoria Hill SRC
Holly HLatky

Math- 7th Grade Red Team

Khara Holborrow 6th Language Arts/Social Studies
Janelle Hubbard Math- 8th White Team
Stephanie Hutchins 6th Grade SPED Math
Nathan Irby Band
Steve Kiepert 6th Math/Science
Kevin List 7th Social Studies
Emily Mclaughlin 7th & 8th Grade SPED Language Arts
David Morrocco 8th Language Arts
Eric Olson

7th-8th Social Studies

6th Fine Arts

Andrea Phippen

Math- 7th Grade White Team

Sarah Reeve

English- 8th Grade Red Team

Tasha Steven-Garcia
Jamie Rogers
7th Grade Language Arts
Shannon Short 6th LRC
Janet Smith 7th Science
Jeff Thomas 6th Language Arts/Social Studies
Cindy Towers 6th Language Arts/Social Studies
Kaitlin Weaver Technology


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Mr. Pecorilla's Band

The Jo Lane Band with Mr. Pecorilla entertaining students and staff in the Jo Lane halls.