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Wednesday, August 21

Registration All Grades

A: 7:30-9:30

B-C: 9:30-11:00

D-G: 11:00-12:30

H-K: 12:30-1:30

L-N: 1:30-2:30

O-R: 2:30-3:30

S-T: 3:30-4:30

U-Z: 4:30-5:30

For those unable to attend earlier 5:30-6:30

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Student Attendance Is a Priority at Jo Lane

New State laws put more reporting responsibilities on schools than ever before. Parents must report student absences by 9AM every time a student is absent from school.

Phone: 541-440-4104

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School Traffic Safety

Dear Parents,

Student drop off continues to be a safety concern.  When dropping off your student, please wait till you get to the yellow crosswalk before your student is allowed to get out of the car. There are real safety concerns when students are getting out before they get to the crosswalk and walk/run between cars.  With the rain and darker mornings, visibility is poor.  

Please remember to use the front parking lot for dropping off your students in the morning.  The south side of our campus, up by the gymnasiums is reserved for bus drop off in the morning, not personal vehicles.

Please give our busses and drivers the right of way whenever possible.   They are on tight schedules.  After they have delivered students to Jo Lane in the morning, their day isn't finished; they have more student transporting to do.  Your cooperation is so appreciated for the safety of our children.

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