Preliminary Contest Schedule | Battle of the Books 

Battle of the Books
Preliminary School Contest Guidelines and Rules

  1. No other person, including team coaches, parents, teachers, and other students may assist in answering the questions. Participants may not use any print material, such as an author/title list or electronic devices to assist in answering questions. Any team that uses outside help will be disqualified.
  2. Students may only have writing utensils at their table. They may not have anything else, including backpacks, binders, or books. Answer forms and a set of books in case of challenges will be provided.
  3. Students and spectators need to turn off their cell phones and not have out any other electronic devices.
  4. Participants must be quiet during the contest. Teams could be dismissed for disruptive behavior, such as talking, interrupting, arguing about the rules, or complaining about other teams. Any questions about the contest must be asked only by the team captain between rounds.
  5. The competition will begin with title and author identification questions. Teams must identify an author when given a title, or identify a title when given an author. Correct answers are worth 1 point apiece.
  6. The next round of questions will be "In which book..." questions. Correct answers are worth 3 points apiece.
  7. The last round is content questions. Correct answers are worth 5 points apiece.
    Note about content questions: Since content questions are more open ended than "in which book..." questions, the judges reserve the discretion to ask teams to clarify their answers. In other words, if a team answers a question correctly but not in as much detail as the official answer, the team could be asked to provide more details for their answer.
  8. Teams will have 15 seconds to discuss the answer to each question. Each team captain must write the answer immediately after the 15 second discussion time. The answer should be circled.
  9. Questions and answers are provided by the state Battle of the Books committee and the Joseph Lane Library staff. Neither participants nor spectators should argue about the accuracy of answers, or request to answer a different question.
  10. At the end of the contest, teams may challenge to prove that one of their answers to a question was correct only if the challenge would change the outcome for determining the top three teams for the final contest.
    If the judge accepts the challenge as successful, and the other conditions for gaining a score were fulfilled, the points shall be awarded to the challenging team(s), but not deducted from other teams that answered correctly in agreement with the official answer.
    The following procedure will be used for challenges:
    --The judge asks if any team wishes to challenge the answer to a question. The timekeeper then times for 15 seconds. If no team requests a challenge, the final scores stand.
    --Teams may only challenge one question.
    --After a copy of the book is given to the challenging team(s), the timekeeper begins timing.
    --The challenging team(s) will have two minutes to find and mark the page numbers (with a post-it note) where the answer can be found. The challenging team(s) need to provide exact reference in the book so the judge can verify the answer.
    --The timer will announce only the end of the two minute time period. When time is called, discussion must stop.
  11. The only tie scores that will be resolved at the end of the contest will be to determine third place (since three teams advance to the school final contest). Teams will be given the same tie-breaker question that they must answer successfully to win. Team captains will write the answer on a tie-breaker form. If both teams answer correctly, questions will continue until one team answers incorrectly, and then the other team will be declared the winner of the tie-breaker round. No challenges are allowed in the tie-breaker round.
  12. In the event of a situation not specifically addressed by these guidelines and rules, the decision of the judge is final.