Media Skills

About Media Skills

Media Skills is a Library service, literacy promotion, and technology use elective course.

The primary purpose of the class is for students to gain technical and social skills by assisting the Librarians in providing a research and reading classroom for the school.

Besides their routine daily duties, such as  shelving books and keeping assigned shelves in order, students work on seasonal and ongoing projects. These projects include promoting literacy by helping with the Book Fair, Battle of the Books, and Bookmark Design Contest and making videos. Students also use technology to help teachers create and maintain Web pages, and to compile research bibliographies and webliographies.

* Students will be competent operators of the Library eMACs, and capable of using the following software:

  • Microsoft Word
  • PowerPoint
  • iMovie (selective)
  • iPhoto (selective)
  • Photoshop Elements (selective)
  • Inspiration (selective)

* Students will demonstrate competence using Web browsers.

* Students will demonstrate ability to locate Joseph Lane, library media center, and research engine pages on the internet, and navigate to relevant sites from these pages.

* Students will maintain their own Wiki and Library Thing pages.

* Students will use the Destiny Quest Library Catalog to locate materials by author, title, subject, series and keywords, and to understand the Destiny browse features.

* Students will be able to locate and operate electronic resources.

* Students will understand concepts and processes for relocating electronic files.

* Students may selectively participate in directing, filming, and producing videos of library promotion features including burning to DVD for presentation on close circuit TV.

* Students will demonstrate a basic, introductory level ability to troubleshoot the Computers on Wheels (COWs) for staff and fellow students.