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What in the World Wide Web is a wiki? Yeah, it's a weird word that sounds a lot like icky, but it's not... icky that is. Quite simply, a wiki is a Web page. You've heard of Wikipedia, which is the world's most famous wiki and one of the Web's biggest Web sites. What makes a wiki a wiki, such as Wikipedia, is that anyone can contribute or modify the content of the Web pages.

So, you are going to design your own wiki, but don't worry, you will have control over it. If you don't want other people making changes, you can set the permissions so that only you control the content. You will be using Zoho, which will allow you to have multiple wiki pages, so you can set the permissions so that only you can make changes to some of your pages, but you can set other pages to allow other students to collaborate with you and make modifications.

What does your wiki need? Check the Grade Guide for the specific requirements, but in general, you need text, pictures, animated gifs, links, but most importantly, as an upstanding cybercitizen, your wiki must have a works cited using Citation Maker.

Zoho Wiki is not a Web site on the Roseburg School District server, so only you will have access to your user name and password. If you choose a user name and password other than the one for your school Internet account, the Library will not have a record of it in case you forget it.


Wiki Resources:

Zoho Wiki Help @ Tech Type

By the way, the purpose of having a wiki as a Media Skills student is for you to have a Web presence. You need to put yourself out there on the www as a Pioneer promoter of libraries, books, reading, and technology. Also, by having your own wiki, you can help teachers start one for their classes. You will have the design skills to make yourself look good on the Web, and to allow teachers to get started on their Web presence too.