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Textbook Procedures

Checkout /in:

In order to minimize the disruption of teaching and learning, it is mutually beneficial to classes and the Library to check textbooks out/in as quickly and as efficiently as possible. The following procedures will expedite that process.

Teachers need to:

  1. Schedule textbook checkout/in time with the Library.
  2. Buzz the Library on the phone intercom right before leaving the classroom so that the circulation computer is ready when they arrive.
  3. Line up students along the wall outside the Library.

Out of Adoption:

Textbooks which are out of adoption are either used as supplementary texts in the classroom or are boxed so that they can be removed from the building.

Used as supplementary texts in the classroom:

Removed from building:

  1. Remove the barcode from each book. (This is necessary because of the school identification on the barcode.) If the barcode cannot be easily removed, mark through it with a black marker.
  2. Box the textbooks. Boxes must have lids and must be taped shut.
  3. Get a "Books To Be Removed from Building" sheet from the office for each box and circle "Out of Adoption Textbooks."
  4. Leave the boxes on the floor in the northeast corner of the Library (near the PC Lab).


At the end of each school year, the Library staff inventories all the textbooks in the building. The following procedures will expedite that labor intensive and time consuming process.

Teachers need to:

  1. Collect textbooks from their students by the due date.
  2. Pass out overdue textbook notices to their students. (Send students to the Library who think they shouldn't be getting an overdue notice because they claim that they turned in their textbook. What usually is the case is that they have turned in another student's book rather than their own. Their book will remain overdue until it is checked in through the Library.)
  3. Send students to the Library to pay for lost textbooks.
  4. Make textbooks with barcodes accessible on the day before the scheduled inventory scanning.