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OnlineSafety Safety

Do you know how to be safe while online? The Web sites on the right will help you to remember what is safe and what is not safe when you use the Internet at school and at home.

Do this first:
As a class, watch the Power Point Online Safety Slide Show.

Do this second:
As a class, discuss key questions about Internet safety.

Do this third:
As you visit the online safety sites on the right, use Inspiration to list 10 specific Internet Safety Do's and Don'ts.

Be sure to check the Grade Guide before printing.

Visit These Online Safety Sites:

  • How Cybersmart R U - See how smart you are at using the Net. Just read the stories and help these kids to be smart while they're online.
  • ID the Creep - You think you know who is E-mailing, chatting, or IM'ing with you? Really? Can you tell who means well and who doesn't? Play ID the Creep and see how you score when it comes to picking out the bad from the good.
  • Internet Safety Game for Kids - The Internet town game pits our superhero against a nasty character lurking in the buildings of our town.
  • PBS Kids GO! - Answer all 10 "Rules of the Road" questions to earn your official PBS Kids Web license.
  • Safe Kids - Your chance to show that you know how to be a safe Internet surfer.
  • Stop Bullying Now - Bullying is a serious public health issue that affects countless young people everyday.
  • WebWiseKids - Wisdom begins with you.