Project Tech

Typing Survey 

Name:                                                      Computer #:

1. At what age did you start using a computer?

2. Have you ever had a typing class before this one, or taken typing lessons? (If yes, tell when and for how long?)

3. How many words per minute do you type? (If you're not sure, guess.)

4. Does it bother you to watch someone use the hunt and peck method of typing? Explain your answer.


5. When you write by hand (rather than typing), do you prefer to print or use cursive?

6. When was the last time that you wrote a personal letter and sent it in the mail (not an email)?

7. Does it bother you when you see a printed word that is misspelled? Why or why not?

8. Do you think it is more important to type fast, or to type accurately, or both equally? Explain your answer.


9. How important is it for you to be able to type well--not important, somewhat important, important, or very important? Explain your answer.


10. What job might a person have and never need to type?

11. What job might a person have and need to type a lot?

12. What was the most enjoyable computer project or activity that you did last school year? Why did you enjoy it?



13. Since we won't be spending the entire period learning how to type, what else would you like to do in this class?


14. What are your goals for this class? (List at least two.)


15. Any other information about yourself and typing that you would like to share: