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Cybercitizen Worksheet

Copy and paste into a word processing document the text below the red line.



1. People who communicate over the internet are called

“            “

2. Click on Joey's situation (GO button). what happens if you choose to copy the game from the website—is it legal to do this and why or why not?



3. Is it legal to copy the game from Joey?

4. What are two good things you get if you buy the game?



5. Go to the Quentin situation and choose option A.Wwhat would be the result of choosing the option to talk to an adult?

6. What is wrong with “hacking” into the computer, even though you didn’t mean to hurt anything?

7. Go to the situation about the term paper and choose option B. What might happen if you copy a paper from the  internet and turn it in?


8. Select the e-mail paragraph. What would happen if you read all the girls e-mails?

9. What would happen if you sent mean e-mails from her account?


10. Click on the “funny computer joke” paragraph. What might that joke contain if you send it?

Go back to the Cyber Ethics for Kids main page. Click on “Rules in Cyberspace” and answer the following questions:

11. Do use the Internet to help with school ______

12. Do use the Internet to visit _______ in far away places

13. Do use the Internet to meet ___________ in other countries or to keep in touch with _____ _____

14. Do be careful about talking to __________ on a computer network

15. Do use the Internet to learn more about _______ and _______ you may be interested in attending.

16. Do respect __________ of other users on the Internet.

17. Do be careful when you __________ programs from the Internet.

18. Don’t give your __________ to anyone.           

19. Don’t answer messages that make you feel __________.

20. Don’t give any __________ information such as phone number, __________  __________, school name, or your __________ to anyone on a network that you don’t personally know.

21. Don’t arrange to __________ with anyone you’ve met on the Internet.

22. Don’t try to break into __________. It’s a __________.

23. Don’t steal copyrighted computer __________ by copying from the Internet.

24. Don’t make __________ of any copyrighted material without permission of the author, publisher, or artist.

25. Don’t copy material that you find on the Internet and pretend that it’s your __________ work.

Go back to the Cyber Ethics for Kids main page. Click on “You Can Get in Real Trouble for Hacking” and answer the following questions:

26. What punishment did the hacker in the story get?


27. The best way to stay out of trouble with computers is to imagine before you do something how you’d feel if someone did it to __________.

28. Hacking doesn’t mean you are smart, it just means you don’t mind hurting others __________.

29. If you like computer’s, don’t use your brains to __________ systems, invade other people’s __________, and take away their __________.

30. If you’re so smart, use that computer to do __________ things!