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            This club was first formed in 1955 and is still functioning in 2006.


            In 1931, a boxing club was initiated by coach P.L. Jensen.

            In 1946, boxing was listed as a team sport and coached by Jack Lillard.

            Boxing was listed in the annuals until 1950.


            In 1997/98, bowling was being listed as an RHS activity.



            In 1931, a new club was formed called the G.A.A.  To be a member a girl had to accumulate a certain number of points under the “Oregon Point System”.

            The “point system” was adopted in 1926/27 by the Oregon State Physical Education Association for Oregon High Schools.  This system was begun by Mrs. B.E. Larson, teacher/coach.

            Sports first associated with GAA were:  Speedball; Basketball; Soccer; Track; Tennis; Baseball (called baseball, may have used softball); Volleyball; Hockey; Outdoor Sports.


            Gymnastics was sanctioned by OSAA in 1965.  (Note: Discontinued in June of 1983). Linda Sanders was instrumental in guiding this program.

            RHS listed gymnastics in their yearbook from 1969-1979 as a team sport.

            In 1975, Nancy Livers, a junior, placed 7th at the district meet.  Nancy was the first girl to have ever placed at the district meet.


            In 1934, Mr. Homer Grow, agriculture instructor, set up matches within the high school for competition with horseshoes.


            In the spring of 2001, “The Indian Lacrosse Club” began its first season of organized competition. 


            In 1946, a rifle club was begun for girls under the sponsorship by the “Roseburg Rod and Gun Club”.


            In 1988, the first season for the RHS ski team became an individual and team sport.  The boys placed 3rd and the girls 4th, their first year at District.


            The book was created in 1965 by Dan Bain and Lyle Fenner.  The book begins with Roseburg High School sports history and follows the various sports from their early beginnings to 1965 (Includes American Legion Baseball history).  Another section features past and present(1965) coaches such as: Roy Thompson, Al Hoffman, Darl Thornton, Don Severson, Stu Robertson, Jim Robinson, Ron Hicks, and Curt Jarvis.  Another section highlights former high school coaches such as Dr. James Finlay, Howard “Hod” Turner, E.W. Doubet, Bill Harper, Jim Aiken.  Another section lists athletes locations after Roseburg High.  Then, to conclude this book, are statistical records of track and football.


            In 1921, Mel Ingram was listed as legendary at Aberdeen High School in Washington.  This tidbit was compiled from an old yearbook for a current program preceding the Aberdeen-Hoquiam 2006 football game.

            Knowing that Mel Ingram taught and coached at Roseburg High School from 1945-47, the above item caught my eye.  When I began a computer search of Mel, his name surfaced again at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington.

            Mel’s profile at Gonzaga showed he had participated in baseball, football, basketball, and track from 1924-28.

            Mel Ingram was regarded as the finest all-around athlete to ever compete for Gonzaga.  He lettered in each sport 4 times, with an exception of 3 in basketball (back injury).  He was a running back, a star guard in basketball, a superior sprinter, and an outfielder, his best sport of the four.

            On 7/24/1929, Mel made his major league debut.  At age 24, he had a short career with the Pittsburgh Pirates of the National League.

            After Mel’s stint with the Pirates he elected to teach and coach at Wallace, Idaho, beginning in 1929.  Mel won several Panhandle League championships in football and basketball.

            After being at Wallace from 1929-1944, Mel came to Roseburg High School to teach and coach in 1944.  Mel stayed at Roseburg for 3 years and then went to Grants Pass in 1947.

            Mel again became legendary at Grants Pass with his coaching.  In 1948, 1964, and 1967, he won or tied for the state football championship (Grants Pass was a runnerup in 1953 under Mel Ingram).

            Ingram was inducted into the Inland Sports Hall of Fame in 1972.  Mel passed away at Medford, Oregon on 10/28/1979, at age 74.  After his death, Mel was elected to the Gonzaga Hall of Fame class of 1988.