400 W. Harvard Ave
Roseburg, OR 97470
Arts English Health/PE Language Math Pro/Tech Science Services Social


2018-2019 Educational Planning/
Curriculum Guide


Bell Schedule

Period One 7:40 - 8:31
Period Two
8:36 - 9:27
Period Three
9:32 - 10:23

Period Four

10:28 - 11:19

1st Lunch
11:19 - 11:52
Period 5
11:24 - 12:15
(Math, Social Studies, CTE, World Languages, FR House, Student Services)

Period 5
(English, Health/PE, Science, Arts, OdysseyWare, Religious Studies)

2nd Lunch
12:15 - 12:48

Period Six
12:53 - 1:44
Period Seven
1:49 - 2:40


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Educational Plans & Profiiles

Guides for help with planning and organizing educational development.

Class of 2018
Class of 2019
Class of 2020
Class of 2021


Right to Request Information About Teacher Professional Qualifications

All parents have the right to request information about the professional qualifications of their child's teacher. If you would like ot access this information, please contact the school's office and you will be provided with documentation describing the type of teaching license the teacher holds.

Vaccination Report

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Spanish Version

District Annual Special
Education Report Card

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Modified Diploma

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General Report Card

Oregon Department of Education has released the 2017-2018 Report Card. You can access Roseburg High School's report card with THIS LINK.

SRP Presentation

SRP Presentation - Student Version


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