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- Ceramics III
-Ceramics IV
- Fine Arts I
- Fine Arts II
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- Fine Arts IV
- Studio Art I
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- Art History
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- Advanced Women's Ensemble
- Solo Lab A
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- Beginning Guitar
- Advanced Guitar
- Marching Ensemble
- Concert Band
-Symphonic Band
- Wind Ensemble
- Jazz Combo
- Jazz Ensemble
- Percussion Ensemble
Fine Arts IV

Grade Level: 12

Length of Course: Year

Pre-requisite: Fine Arts III with Teacher Recommendation

Credit: 1 Elective

Fee: $30.00 per semester

Course Overview: In this class, you officially earn your wings as an independent artist. Much of the curriculum in this class is based around the primary goal of giving students the skills and confidence necessary to be a life-long artist or at the bare minimum, a person who uses and appreciates art throughout their life. This year-long course is for highly motivated, committed students interested in the study of art. The course emphasizes making art as an ongoing process that involves the student in informed and critical decision making. Students enrolled in this class are required to complete a summer project and a considerable amount of work outside the classroom. Students in this class will build a portfolio of work that is suitable for a job interview, college admission, or the AP studio art test.


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