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Health/Wellness Overview

Health/Wellness classes cover information related to safe living, stress management, physical fitness, and nutrition. One
credit of health education and one credit of physical education are required for graduation. All freshmen are required to take wellness. It is a full year course that fulfills the freshman health requirement (½ credit) and ½ credit of the physical education requirement .

An additional semester (1/2 credit) of health must be taken during the senior year. The senior year health requirement may also be fulfilled by one of the following options: Health Occupations (1 full year), Intro. to Child Development, or Marriage and Family Skills.

- Wellness
- Wellness 10, 11, 12
- Senior Health
- Adaptive Physical Education
- Strength and Conditioning
- Weight Training
- Personal Fitness
- Sports Activities
- Sports Activities 9
- Early Childhood Education
Strength and Conditioning

Grade Level
: 9,10, 11, 12

Length of Course:
Semester (One per Year)

: Teacher Recommendation

: ½ PE Credit

Course Overview: This course provides the student the opportunity to engage in activities designed to enhance their ballistic strength, flexibility
and aerobic/anaerobic conditioning. This is not a body building class.


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