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- Pre-Algebra
- Algebra 1
- 9th Honors
- Practical Geometry
- Geometry
- Intermediate Algebra
- Algebra 2
- 10th Honors
- Trigonometry

- Statistics

- Advanced Functions
- 11th Honors
- Pre-Calculus
- Calculus AP/CC
- Computer Programming I

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Grade Level: 11, 12

Length of Course: Semester

Pre-requisite: Passed Algebra 2 with “C” or Better/Passed 10th Honors, Teacher Recommendation

Credit: ½

Course Overview: This course is designed to use probability and statistics in the study of various disciplines, situations and problems; understand and apply valid statistical methods and measures of central tendency, variability, and correlation in the collection, organization, analysis and interpretations of data. Graphing calculators and other statistical packages will be incorporated into the class.

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