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The Math Division

The mathematics department has designed a curriculum in scope and sequence to suit the needs of all students.

  • Courses are offered for students with all post-high school goals including college, vocational training, and immediate entrance into the work force.
  • All courses align with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for mathematics and post-high school entrance requirements.
  • Appropriate use of technology, mainly graphing calculators, will be a component of each course.
  • All students are required to take and pass three years of high school mathematics at Algebra 1 and above. Note: colleges and universities highly recommend four years.
  • Each course in math builds on the student’s math knowledge. A “D” grade in a math class indicates a potentially weak foundation, and the student may be recommended for additional supports.

Please use the appropriate outline for course selection. Read the table from left to right to determine your course sequence. Counselors from both the middle schools and the high school will assist parents and students in seeking the proper math course for the student




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