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- Introduction to Metals Technology
- Intermediate Metal Fabrication
- Advanced Metal Fabrication
- Intermediate Manufacturing Technology
- Advanced Manufacturing Technology
- Intro. to Agriculture Mechanics
- Agriculture Leadership
- Woodworking I
- Woodworking II & III
- Drafting I
- Technical Drafting
- Architectural Design
- 3D Animation
- Automated Manufacturing
- Construction I
- Construction II & III
- Work Experience
- Foods I
- Foods II
- International Foods
- Hospitality, Tourism, & Recreations I
- Hospitality, Tourism, & Recreations II
- Hospitality, Tourism, & Recreations III
- Hospitality, Tourism, & Recreations IV
- Introduction to Child Development
- Marriage, Family, and Parenting Skills
- Planning Activities for Young Children
- Early Childhood Education Practicum Experience I/II
- Life in the Real World
- Teen Parent Resource
- Accounting I
- Accounting II
- Keyboarding/Word Processing
- Computer Skills
- Computers in Business
- Marketing

Early Childhood Education
Practicum Experience I/II


Grade Level: 11, 12

Length of Course: Year

Pre-requisite: Child Development, Planning Activities for Young Children

Credit: 1 (9 UCC credits available)

Fee: $7.00 per Year

Course Overview: The Early Childhood Education Practicum Experience course may be taken in both the junior and senior years. Students will be placed as interns with local businesses or programs related to some aspect of early childhood education and services. As part of the practicum experience students will be expected to develop and implement activities, as well as explore the profession through specific projects and research. It is recommended that students take this course in conjunction with the Career Exploration: Early Childhood Education Course. This course is designed for students who want to pursue a career in education, child care, pediatric care or other related fields.


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