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- Introduction to Metals Technology
- Intermediate Metal Fabrication
- Advanced Metal Fabrication
- Intermediate Manufacturing Technology
- Advanced Manufacturing Technology
- Intro. to Agriculture Mechanics
- Agriculture Leadership
- Woodworking I
- Woodworking II & III
- Drafting I
- Technical Drafting
- Architectural Design
- 3D Animation
- Automated Manufacturing
- Construction I
- Construction II & III
- Work Experience
- Foods I
- Foods II
- International Foods
- Hospitality, Tourism, & Recreations I
- Hospitality, Tourism, & Recreations II
- Hospitality, Tourism, & Recreations III
- Hospitality, Tourism, & Recreations IV
- Introduction to Child Development
- Marriage, Family, and Parenting Skills
- Planning Activities for Young Children
- Early Childhood Education Practicum Experience I/II
- Life in the Real World
- Teen Parent Resource
- Accounting I
- Accounting II
- Keyboarding/Word Processing
- Computer Skills
- Computers in Business
- Marketing

Introduction to Metals Technology


Grade Level: 9,10, 11, 12

Length of course: Semester

Pre-requisite: None

Credit: ½

Fee: $10.00 per Semester

Course Overview: This course is designed to introduce students to metal fabrication and manufacturing processes. This course is separated into two half-semester sections. The Manufacturing section will cover the basics of machine tool technology. Section emphasis based on metal turning and using the engine lathe. The Metal Fabrication section covers welding basics using Oxy-fuel welding, Shielded Metal Arc Welding, Gas Metallic Arc Welding, and Oxy-fuel cutting. Students will learn through a combination of classroom instruction and work in the lab. This course emphasizes the necessary skills of welding technology and shop safety following OSHA, EPA, and DEQ recommendations. Students must wear safety glasses at all times while in the shop


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