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- Introduction to Metals Technology
- Intermediate Metal Fabrication
- Advanced Metal Fabrication
- Intermediate Manufacturing Technology
- Advanced Manufacturing Technology
- Intro. to Agriculture Mechanics
- Agriculture Leadership
- Woodworking I
- Woodworking II & III
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- Technical Drafting
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- Hospitality, Tourism, & Recreations III
- Hospitality, Tourism, & Recreations IV
- Introduction to Child Development
- Marriage, Family, and Parenting Skills
- Planning Activities for Young Children
- Early Childhood Education Practicum Experience I/II
- Life in the Real World
- Teen Parent Resource
- Accounting I
- Accounting II
- Keyboarding/Word Processing
- Computer Skills
- Computers in Business
- Marketing

Planning Activities for
Young Children


Grade Level: 10, 11, 12

Length of Course: Semester

Pre-requisite: Must pass Child Development with a C or Better

Credit: ½ (3 UCC Credits Available)

Fee: $7.00 per Semester

Course Overview: Planning Activities for Young Children is a key component of the Early Childhood Education Program and is a prerequisite for both the Career Exploration and Practicum courses. Through this class students will learn to identify age and developmentally appropriate practices when planning activities for young children. Students will have the opportunity to plan, implement and evaluate activities in each of the nine identified content areas as they develop an activity file for use in an Early Childhood Education setting. Students will also have the opportunity to design a bulletin board that addresses specific learning objectives while meeting requirements for diversity and cultural awareness. Lab opportunities will exist for students to further develop their understanding of child development and their ability to plan, implement and evaluate developmentally appropriate activities for children. This course is designed for students who wish to pursue a career in education or child care. Three U.C.C. credits may be earned through this course.


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