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Technical Drafting


Grade Level: 10, 11, 12

Length of course: Year

Pre-requisite: Drafting 1

Credit: 1

Course Overview: This is an advanced course that emphasizes AutoCAD as a drafting and problem-solving tool. Students receive in depth exposure to the world of computer-aided design as used in mechanical and civil engineering. This course heavily emphasizes the use of 3D modeling geometry and advanced AutoCAD skills. 3D animation is used to analyze 3D models relative to design and function. Student work adheres to ANSI/AMSE dimensioning standards. Students develop skill mastery by completing a variety of technical drawings replicating industry standards and conventions. Students at this level have the opportunity to seek job opportunities with local industries.
This course is articulated with the Umpqua Community College Engineering Program of Study. Students can receive college credit through College Now Program. Credits: (3) CIV 113; Computer Aided Drafting I


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