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- 9th Grade Integrated Science
- Applied Integrated Science
- Biology
- AP Biology
- Medical Biology A
- Medical Biology B

- Chemistry

- Advanced Chemistry
- Anatomy and Physiology
- Conceptual Physics
- Advanced Physics

-Natural Resources:
Renewable Resources

- Natural Resources:
Non-Renewable Resources
- Forestry
- Introduction to Horticulture
- Geology (1st semester) Astronomy/Meteorology (2nd semester)
- Forensic Science
Forensic Science

Grade Level: 10, 11, 12

Length of Course: Semester

Pre-requisite: High Interest in Science Used to Solve Crimes

Credit: ½

Course Overview: This course focuses on using scientific methods in solving crimes. The course is interdisciplinary in that it exposes students to the use of biology, chemistry, physics, and geology in solving crimes. Considerable emphasis is placed on lab experiences and solving crime scenarios through the use of science and logic.

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