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- 9th Grade Integrated Science
- Applied Integrated Science
- Biology
- AP Biology
- Medical Biology A
- Medical Biology B

- Chemistry

- Advanced Chemistry
- Anatomy and Physiology
- Conceptual Physics
- Advanced Physics

-Natural Resources:
Renewable Resources

- Natural Resources:
Non-Renewable Resources
- Forestry
- Introduction to Horticulture
- Geology (1st semester) Astronomy/Meteorology (2nd semester)
- Forensic Science
Veterinary Science

Grade Level:10, 11, 12

Length of Course: Semester

Pre-requisite: Biology, Animal Science

Credit: ANS 121 (LBCC), pending approval

Course Overview: Learn skills to prepare for employment or training in the veterinary or health services industry. Units of instruction include: medical terminology, animal handling and restraint, injections and sutures, parasitology, animal health care instruments, animal grooming and grooming equipment, veterinary office procedures, and comparative animal anatomy and physiology. Students will study small and large animals. Students gain a deeper understanding of medical terminology, animal anatomy, and animal health care and nutrition through practical applications. Students will have an opportunity to have an extended and/or work-based learning experience through a job shadow or practicum.

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