U.S. History AP/CC


Grade Level: 11, 12

Length of Course: Year

Pre-requisite: Completion of 10 CP English with “B” or better, completion of World History with a grade of “B+” or better, and enrolled in 11 CP English, OAKS reading score of 240 or better. Recommendation of World History teacher. Students who do not meet this criteria but wish to enroll, should see their counselor for placement guidelines.

Credit: 1

Course Overview: U.S. History AP/CC is a chronological survey of United States history organized around Umpqua Community College’s history program as well as the advanced placement U.S. History program in association with the college board. It prepares students for the AP US History exam administered in May. Students will receive high school credit and community college credit upon successful completion of the course. The course is designed for accelerated learners and will provide them with the analytical skills and factual knowledge necessary to deal critically with the problems and materials in United States history. Designed to prepare the student for intermediate and advanced college courses, the demands placed on students, in terms of reading and writing, are equivalent to those made by full year introductory college courses. Students will learn to assess historical materials, their relevance to a given interpretive problem, their reliability, and their importance, and to weight the evidence and interpretations presented in historical scholarship.

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