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- 9th House
- Library Media Aide
- Student Aide
- Pre-Teach
- Leadership
- Release Time (Religious Study)
- ELL 1
- ELL 2
- Step-Up

Educational Development and Supportive Programming

- Life Skills Math A

- Life Skills Math B

- Ramp-up to Algebra
- Language Arts Foundations
- Advanced Language Arts
- Language 1
- Language 2
- Standards Support

- Introduction to Pathways

-Career Exploration

- Connections B

- Developmental Learning Center (DLC)
- Pathways (18+)
- Success 9/10 and 11/12

Math Foundations B

Length of Course: Full Year

Pre-requisite: Data Team and IEP Team Decision

Credit: 1 Modified Math Credit

Course Overview: This course is for students who have previously been approved by their IEP team to qualify for the Transition Program and are on an IEP. This class is progression from Math Foundations A. The class provides intense focus on real life math applications. This one-credit class provides intensive focus on developing mathematical understanding in the five elements of mathematical proficiency: understanding, computing, applying, reasoning, and engaging.

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