Governor Kulonkoski visited RHS on Wednesday, November 12, 2003. He took a tour of our new Student Center building, given by Student Body President and Vice-President, Patrick O. and Daniel N. along with the Principal and Superintendant. His first stop was to the new Theatre, where he sat in the control room and helped set up the lighting for a performance just for him, by Nora B. and Sara Y. He then met with the Alternative Education class, and Early Childhood Education Department. Afterwards, he talked to Mrs. McGlone' s eigth period PASS 3 English class, answering questions about the rising rates of tuition for college, the CIM and CAM, and about himself. He also visited Mrs. Bartlett's eigth period "house" class. He answered questions about his life and what it's like to be the Governer. Look for the December 17th edition of the Orange R for a full article on the Governor's visit.

Nora and Sara start their special performance

The Governor Talking to the Alternative Education Students

Kulongoski answers questions from Mrs. McGlones PASS 3 English Class.

The Governor taking questions from Mrs. Bartlett's "House" class.