School Collaboration Days


Roseburg Public Schools Adopts Collaboration Time Schedule

Roseburg Public Schools Board of Directors has adopted a school calendar that will release students one hour early each Wednesday.  During these Wednesdays teachers and other staff will work together with the intense focus of improving student achievement by discussing curriculum and teaching practices, and by allowing staff time to work in collaboration to improve the quality of the learning experience for students.  This weekly Collaboration Time mirrors models already in place in several school districts in Douglas County and around Oregon.

The district is committed to ensuring student instructional time is not affected by this adoption of Collaboration Time.  By eliminating the two (2) full-day and four (4) half-day student release times in the current schedule, and by adding approximately five  (5) minutes to the school day, students will not lose instructional minutes, and actually will attend school two more days than in previous years.

District staff continues to work to develop potential partnerships with the YMCA and the Boys and Girls Club to provide supervised activities during Wednesday Collaboration Time.