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decisionsThe Roseburg Public Schools' Superintendent is hired by the Board. The Superintendent acts as the Board's executive officer in administering its pollicies for operation of the school. The Superintendent is available to the Board as a professional consultant and advises the Board on the needs and programs of the schools. In responding to public concerns or input, the Board usually acts through the Superintendent and Administrative Staff.



Welcome to the 2014-2015 School Year

Dear Parents:

Welcome to Roseburg Public Schools! On behalf of our nearly 650 dedicated teachers, support staff, and administrators, we commit to being a school district that consistently maintains high expectations for classroom achievement and behavior. At the same time, we also recognize our responsibility to respectfully educate Roseburg’s children to become productive citizens who have the skills and the emotional intelligence to meet the requirements of a work world that doesn’t even exist yet.

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Inter-District Agreement Forms for Non-Resident Student Transfer Requests

Families wishing their child to attend a school outside the Roseburg Public Schools attendance boundaries are required to complete a Resident District Transfer Request. As per school board Policy JECB: Request for Transfer of Resident Students and Admission of Non-resident Students.

Once a mutual consent is approved by both the sending and receiving district, the request is in effect until the student graduates or reaches age 19, and for students receiving special education, age 21. (unless the student does not meet the criteria to remain in the district as outlined in the inter-district agreement) Annual renewal will not be necessary.

In the past a transfer request could be made for more than one child on the request form, which has changed; now each individual student has their own request package which must be completed in full.

ALL students applying for a Resident District Transfer must complete this Form.

The form must be completed, signed, and dated by the student's parent or guardian, then returned to Patty Boggs in the Office of the Superintendent, 1419 NW Valley View Drive, Roseburg OR 97471, for processing prior to the student's ability to register in the requested non-resident school.

Families living outside the Roseburg attendance boundaries wishing their student to attend Roseburg Public Schools must begin the Resident District Transfer Request process with their resident school district.

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Larry Parsons
Janet Kischel

Larry Parsons


Janet Kischel

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Welcome to Roseburg Public Schools!  As superintendent I pledge that our district will stand as a model of excellence in education and will maintain high expectations for classroom achievement and behavior, while providing assistance for those students who need alternative approaches to learning.  At the same time, we also recognize our responsibility to educate Roseburg’s children to become productive citizens who have the skills and the emotional intelligence to meet the requirements of a work world that doesn’t even exist yet.


As parents, please understand that you play an absolutely essential role in your children’s schooling experience, and we ask you to partner with us to set high expectations for your children’s academic success.  A parent’s expectation of success becomes a propelling force to motivate a child.  Simply put, when children aren’t expected to do well, most often they don’t.  So please don’t accept mediocre grades and poor study habits; rather, get involved and insist on better performance.  There are many ways to do this, such as by supervising homework, fostering reading at home, limiting TV and video games, and talking with your child about the importance of education.


We urge you to also set high expectations for Roseburg Public Schools.  We welcome your involvement, your support, and even your criticism, because we recognize that constructive criticism can help us to improve.  Specifically, please get involved with your children’s schoolwork and tell us right away about any possible problems – for example, whether homework is too easy or too difficult.  And most importantly, get to know your child’s teacher and form a partnership on behalf of your student.


We, all of us in Roseburg Public Schools, look forward to working with you to achieve educational excellence for your child.  Please don’t hesitate to speak to me or another administrator about how we’re doing.




Larry Parsons

Dr. Larry C. Parsons
Mission Statement
We believe...
  • All students can learn, and all students will succeed.
  • Every child must be challenged at their individual level of learning.
  • Families, schools and the community are partners in every child’s education.
  • Everyone benefits when individual unique strengths, talents and abilities are valued.
  • Everyone belongs and is expected to contribute to the learning community.
  • A safe and respectful environment is everyone’s right and responsibility.