The RoadMaps (Roseburg Oregon Assessment Documents - Musical Art Performance Samples) is a comprehensive collection of materials that support the evaluation of current State Standards in the Arts, Roseburg School District Target Goals, and the National Performance Standards for music as developed by MENC (Music Educators National Conference).

The resulting documents are the first of their kind in the State of Oregon and have been examined by other music educators as they establish music assessments. Since this project is unprecedented, it is a work in progress and open to constant review. The Roseburg Elementary Music Educators have been supported by the school district with monies and quality work time to create these documents.


RoadMaps sections in this document include:

STANDARDS: The preexisting Oregon and MENC recommended National Stardards were aligned with the Roseburg Learning Targets. A committee examined the content for missing or repetition of skills taught. The documents are still under constant revision as the music educators implement the concepts.

ASSESSMENTS: These are examples of different means to assess the twelve areas for Benchmark 1 (grade 3) and Benchmark 2 (grade 5). The collection consists primarily of sample from Douglas County Teachers.

SCORING GUIDES: These various scoring guides were designed by committee and individuals from applications of state scoring guides in writing and math.

STUDENT REPORTS: Twelve areas were selected as beginning areas the district would teach and assess students on permanent individual forms. These forms may eventually be placed in the students' portfolios.

CLASS REPORTS: These reports are designed for quick notation and temporary scoring in an all-in-one view. All scores are intended to be transferred.

IMPROVEMENT PLANS: As this curriculum document develops, the music staff will keep records of accomplishments, tasks at hand, and future developments. This is also a means to report to the district regarding curriculum and progress.

MUSIC ADVOCACY: A collection of good tips and sources to promote your district's music program.

RESOURCES: This is a miscellaneous file for documents that support the music assessments.


At this time, the Roseburg Music Teachers have not addressed Music Technology Standards.

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