The Intervention Table below provides links to interventions specific to this unit. The interventions support students and teachers in filling foundational gaps revealed as students work through the unit. All listed interventions are from New Zealand’s Numeracy Project.




Cluster of Standards

Name of Intervention

Snapshot of summary or

Student I can statement. . .

Materials Master

Numbers and Operations in

Base Ten

Use place value understanding and properties of operations to add and subtract









Say the forward and backward number word sequence in the range 0-100, starting and ending with any number.



Make 100


Develop an understanding of the quantity 100 and  understand the relationship between 100 and 10



Number Line Flips


Order numbers in the range 0–100

MM 4-2



More Ones and  Tens


Solve addition and  subtraction problems with decade numbers by counting

MM 4-14



Operation in Algebraic Thinking

Represent and solve problems involving addition and subtraction

Add and subtract within 20






Adding and Subtracting with Counters


Solve addition problems to 20 by joining sets and counting all the objects.


What's Hidden

Solve subtraction problems from 20 by counting all the objects in their head.



Imaging with Tens Frames


Solve addition and subtraction problems to 20 by counting all the objects in their head.

MM 4-6


Measurement and Data

Work with time and money






Say the forwards and backwards skip–counting sequences in the range 0–100 for twos, fives, and tens

MM 4-2