The Intervention Table below provides links to interventions specific to this unit. The interventions support students and teachers in filling foundational gaps revealed as students work through the unit. All listed interventions are from New Zealand’s Numeracy Project.



Cluster of Standards

Name of Intervention

Snapshot of summary or

Student I can statement. . .

Materials Master

Operations and Algebraic Thinking


Work with equal groups to gain foundations for multiplication.





Clap Pat Click


Skip count to find the answer to problems involving equal groups


Counting Cubes


Skip counting by 2s, 3s, and 5s




Say the forwards and backwards skip–counting sequences in the range 0–100 for twos, fives, and tens

MM 4-2



Friends You Can Count On



Create equal sized groups and count the total set either by counting all or by skip counting

MM 4-8



Early Number Patterns


Develop pattern-based thinking through the exploration pattern



 A Square of Circles


Investigate odd and even numbers