The Intervention Table below provides links to interventions specific to this unit. The interventions support students and teachers in filling foundational gaps revealed as students work through the unit. All listed interventions are from New Zealand’s Numeracy Project.



Cluster of Standards

Name of Intervention

Snapshot of summary or

Student I can statement. . .

Materials Master

Measurement and Data


Geometric Measurement: understand concepts of area and relate area to multiplication and to addition







Blank Grids

View the multiplication grid in the same way that they would view a hundreds array 

Blank Grid

Multiplication or Out

Solve multiplication problems by using repeated addition

MM 5-2

MM 6-2

Three’s Company

Solve multiplication problems by using repeated addition.

MM 5-2

MM 6-2

Animal Arrays

Solve multiplication problems by using repeated addition

MM 5-2

MM 6-2


Turn Abouts

Solve multiplication problems by using arrays

MM 5-2


Number Strips

Solve multiplication problems by skip counting in twos, fives, and tens

MM 6-1

Area and Multiplication

Provides a progression:  equal groups, arrays, and area.


The Great Cover Up

cover a shape with non-standard area units and count the number used

The Great Cover Up PDF



Reason with shapes and their attributes






Find unit fractions of regions.


Fraction Pieces

Identify the symbols for halves, quarters, thirds, fifths, and tenths including fractions greater than 1.

MM 4-19

Creating Fractions

Find equivalent fractions using polygons

MM 4-20

More Geo-Board Fractions

Find unit fractions in polygons

MM 4-20

Fair Shares

Find fractions of a region


Foil Fun

make, name and describe polygons and other plane shapes


Arty Shapes

Describe shape attributes