The Intervention Table below provides links to interventions specific to this unit. The interventions support students and teachers in filling foundational gaps revealed as students work through the unit. All listed interventions are from New Zealand’s Numeracy Project.



Cluster of Standards

Name of Intervention

Snapshot of summary or Student I can statement. . .

Materials Master

Understand the place value system.


Sherpa (Tensing)

Multiply by powers of 10.

MM 6-9

Perform operations with multi-digit whole numbers and with decimals to hundredths.


Estimation in Decimal Multiplication and Division Problems

Estimate decimal products and quotients by rounding and using benchmark fractions.

MM 8-17

Multiplication of Decimal Fractions

Reason about the location of decimal point for products and quotients using visual models.

MM 8-34

Multiplication with Tenths

Multiply a single-digit number by a simple decimal using mental math/place value strategies.


When Big Gets Smaller

Reason about relative magnitude of decimal multiplication.

MM 8-15

When Small Gets Bigger

Reason about relative magnitude of decimal division.

MM 8-16