Fifth Grade





Smarter Balanced Assessment Information

Universal Math Screener


Culminating assessments at the end of every unit (The recording sheet and scoring guide are used to see if students Need Development, are Making Progress, or are Strongly in Place on a particular standard.)

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Efficient Assessment Ideas (These are embedded lessons that can be used as evidence of progress towards a standard.)

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Number Talk Assessments (These are used to see progress of strategies and attainment of grade level standards- See Chapter 2.)


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Common Roseburg Grade 5 Problem Solving

    Problem Solving Scoring Guide

    Work Sample Feedback Form K-8

    Math Problem Solving Tips



Technology Resources


Unit 1


Unit 2


During this game students are one of several puppies that are trying to capture two bones that are equivalent to the decimal in the middle of the gameboard.  The game is very fast paced and shows a variety of ways to create sums using decimal addends.


Unit 3



Unit 4

Highly interactive tool that allows students/teachers to represent fraction division with number lines and area models, and also allows the user to input a customized word problem.


Unit 5



Unit 6



Unit 7