First Grade





Smarter Balanced Assessment Information

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Culminating assessments at the end of every unit (The recording sheet and scoring guide are used to see if students Need Development, are Making Progress, or are Strongly in Place on a particular standard.)



Efficient Assessment Ideas (These are embedded lessons that can be used as evidence of progress towards a standard.)

Progress, or are Strongly in Place on a particular standard.)



Number Talk Assessments (These are used to see progress of strategies and attainment of grade level standard- See Chapter 2.)


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Technology Resources

Students can access interactive attribute blocks at The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives website:

Illuminations pattern blocks website


Unit 1 and 2


Okta’s Rescue:

Students create a quantity to match a number while being timed.


Scrambled Egg City

Students match numerals to quantities with numbers 11-20.


Numbers to 20

Students use their knowledge of ten and some more to answer questions about teen numbers.


Connect the Dots to 20

Students practice counting numbers while connecting the dots to reveal a picture. Connect the dots by counting 1 to 20.


Critter Junction  Students create quantities to match numerals 11-19.


Number rows 11-20

Students practice sequencing numerals 11-19


100 Number Chart  Students practice filling in the 100’s chart with its missing numerals.


Unit 3


Shapes concentration

Students match 2-D figures in a game of concentration


Sammy’s Shapes

This game focuses on identifying specific shapes and locating and describing shapes they find.


Patch Tool

Students use pattern blocks to create pictures or combine shapes to make new shapes.


Cat in the Hat-The Great Shape Race

Students collect shapes based on orientation and use those shapes to build irregular figures.


Sid the Science Kid-Shadow Show Students combine shapes to create a new shape.  Students are using an outline of the new shape to figure out which shapes to use to build a new shape.



Students rotate tangram shapes to build 12 different pictures.


Unit 4


Puppy Clifford –Measuring Up

Students compare and identify objects by their attributes.


Sid the Science Kid-Fab Lab /span>

Students measure rocks using nonstandard units of measure.


Dinosaur Train, How Big Are You?

Students use different animals to measure a variety of dinosaurs.


Curious George-How Tall:

Students are using different objects to measure the height of another object.


Flo and Zoe Sort It Out:

Students sort object into two categories using a variety of attributes


The Cat in the Hat Swirly Whirly Pearl Hunt:

Students listen to different directions to sort the fish by attributes.


Unit 5 and 6

Early Math: Bugabaloo Shoes Addition:  Students add two sets of numbers to find the sum.


Math Games: Fruit Shoot Addition:  Students add two numbers together and then choose the correct sum.


Math Games: Pop Up Addition:  Students solve addition problems by adding two numbers together.


Brainie:  Students find different combinations to build a number


Addition Games-Arrgh! Pirate Platform:  Students add two addends to find a quantity while traveling through a pirate ship