Fourth Grade- Instructional Resources 2013-2014


Grade 4 Pacing Guide-2013-2014 (revised 10/14/13)

Grade 4 Detailed Scope and Sequence 2013-2014 (revised 10/14/13)

Bridges in Mathematics Supplements

First Trimester (September-November)

Bridges-Set A3 Number & Operations: MultiDigit Addition and Subtraction

Bridges-Set D4 Measurement: Area in US Customary Units

Bridges-Set D5 Measurement: Area in Metric Units

Bridges-Set D6 Measurement: Area and Perimeter

Roseburg Area and Perimeter Story Problems

Bridges-Set A8 Number and Operations: Whole Number Properties

Second Trimester (December-February)

Bridges-Set A6: Fractions and Mixed Numbers

Bridges-Set A9: Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Bridges-Set A10: Multiplying Whole Numbers by Fractions

Third Trimester (March-June)

Bridges  Set D1: Measurement-Weight and Mass

Bridges Set D2: Measurement-Capacity in US Customary Units

Bridges Set D3: Measurement-Capacity in Metric Units

Bridges Set D10: Measurement-Conversions

Bridges-Set C1: Geometry-Parallel, Perpendicular and Intersecting

Bridges-Set C2: Geometry-2-3Dimensional Shapes

Bridges-Set C3: Geometry-Circles and Angles

Fluency Support

Addition Strategies Posters and Booklet

Subtraction Strategies Posters and Booklet

Multiplication Strategies Posters and Booklet

Division Strategies Posters


Smarter Balanced Assessment Information

First Trimester CCSS Common Assessment

Second Trimester CCSS Common Assessment   T

Third Trimester CCSS Common Assessment (updated)

Common Roseburg Grade 4 Problem Solving Prompts (coming soon)

Problem Solving Scoring Guide

Work Sample Feedback Form K-8

Math Problem Solving Tips

Additional Resources

MLC Bridges Support

The Bridges Blog

MLC Bridges 4th grade Practice Book