Support Materials



Students that are struggling with mathematics need in addition to support with our core materials.  This should come first in the form of Number Talks.  Number Talks will assist our students in building computational strategies to become fluent.  If more assistance is required, additional time with the grade level material may be appropriate (pre-teach, more time and/or reteach) with a concept.  If students need more conceptual understanding development, it may be appropriate to utilizing a unit from a previous grade level during the in addition to time with the student.

Teachers need to provide instructional experiences so that students progress from the concrete level, to the pictorial level, then to the abstract level when learning mathematics. Link    CRA assessment

Please use the Number Sense Trajectory as you think about how your students are counting and reasoning with numbers.  This trajectory can be thought of with almost any number system.

Remember that asking great questions is the best way to support all students learning to think.  These questions will develop the thinking habits that will support them as a mathematician now and in the future.


Why do we need to support our struggling math learners with conceptional understanding?  Click here for the video