Elementary Science Program



Rocks and Minerals

Observe and describe the different properties of several types of rocks and minerals:

  • Perform laboratory tests to investigate the properties of rocks and minerals

  • Sort minerals on the basis of similarities and
    differences in observed properties

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Books for Kids

Rocks and Minerals Tracy Staeder. Reader's Digest, 1999, ISBN 1-57584-290-4. Facts and investigations, personal stories, and vocabulary are all included in this large volume. The rock cycle, plate tectonics, and weathering are all found here. Illustrations are colorful and strong. (STC Literature Links)

Rocks in His Head Carol Otis Hurst. Greenwillow Books, 2001. Trade: ISBN 0-06-029403-5, Library: ISBN 0-06-029404-3.The simple narrative and sensitive illustrations vividly portray how a childhood passion for rocks leads to a productive and satisfying career. This true story describes how study, commitment, and love for learning overcome such obstacles as lack of education, money, and formal training. (Science and Children, Mar 2002, 32)

Book of Science Questions that Children Ask Jack Meyers. Boyds Mills Pr, 1995, ISBN 1563974789. An 11-year old reader from Broomall, Pa, writes "This book help me do my homework all the time. Trust me and buy this book." (amazon.com) Selected from back issues of Highlights for Children magazine, this collection of answers to over 350 children's questions about science covers a wide range of science topics. (ENC Focus, vol 8, No 3, 2001, p 92)

Teacher Resources

Earth Materials Curriculum Companions contains detailed resources tailored to modules dealing with rocks and minerals. Take a look at the growing list of resources for this module. Background info, enrichment, interdisciplinary ideas, images, assessment, tips and comments, and kids web pages are all included in this useful site.

The Rocks & Minerals Toolkit was developed by teachers in Washington to provide suggestions for each of the activities in the module as well as other useful support material.

Rocks and Minerals


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