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Explore some of the basic properties of water:

  • Observe how the properties of water change when it is a solid, liquid, or gas

  • Explore the water cycle.

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Books for Kids

Children of the Dust Days Karen Coombs Miller. Carolrhoda Books, 2000. ISBN 1-57-505360-8. Coombs depicts through words and authentic photographs how children lived through the Dust Bowl days of the 1930's. She offers possible reasons why erosion hit the Midwest wheat fields during the drought. (STC Literature Links)

Mud Matters: Stories from a Mud Lover Jennifer Owings Dewey. Marshall Cavendish, 1998. ISBN 0-7614-5014-9. The author tells of her childhood adventures with many types of mud. Everything from the building properties to the healing properties of mud is covered. The desert of the Southwest provides an appropriate background. (STC Literature Links)

River Town Binnie Geisert. Houghton/A Walter Lorraine Book, 1999. ISBN 0-395-90891-4. Life along a river in early America is portrayed in intricate detail. Through the artwork, readers learn how the river affects life and vice versa. (STC Literature Links)

The Drop in My Drink: The Story of Water on Our Planet Meridith Hooper. Viking, 1998. ISBN 0-670-8718-6. Students are shown how precious water is by going back through time to the creation of Earth. The text and illustrations help students understand that all the water we have now is all that will ever be available. (STC Literature Links, NSTA 1999, 1999 Notable Children's Books in Language Arts)

A Drop of Water Walter Wick. Scholastic Inc., 1997 ISBN 0-590-02319-5 (NSTA 1997, Outstanding Nonfiction Choices for 1997 Winner)

Floods! Ellen Keller. Simon & Schuster, 1999. ISBN 0-689-8201-6. Keller makes this natural occurrence exciting by including personal stories along with the facts about causes and effects of floods. Color photographs can be found in the center of the book. (STC Literature Links)

Book of Science Questions that Children Ask Jack Meyers. Boyds Mills Pr, 1995, ISBN 1563974789. An 11-year old reader from Broomall, Pa, writes "This book help me do my homework all the time. Trust me and buy this book." (amazon.com) Selected from back issues of Highlights for Children magazine, this collection of answers to over 350 children's questions about science covers a wide range of science topics. (ENC Focus, vol 8, No 3, 2001, p 92)

Teacher Resources

Material Properties and Change Curriculum Companion contains detailed resources tailored to modules dealing with properties of matter. Take a look at the growing list of resources for this module. Background info, enrichment, interdisciplinary ideas, images, assessment, tips and comments, and kids web pages are all included in this useful site.

The Foss website may have material for students or teachers that relates to this unit. Check the website to see interactive simulations, to write questions to a scientist, to find teaching tips, and to talk with other classes using FOSS.


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