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blackboardOur goal of 100% of students meeting grade level expectations means that we must measure student performance against established performance standards.  The Roseburg Public Schools utilizes a variety of measures, both diagnostically to help identify areas where students need help as well as measures that provide information for accountability purposes. 

The links from this page provide information about our assessment system and specific resources associated with the measures used.


Language Arts Resources


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readingThe ability to communicate well--to read, write, listen, and speak--prepares students for life. Language skills are essential tools not only because they serve as the necessary basis for further learning and career development but also because they enrich the human experience and foster responsible citizenship.

The links in this section are designed to connect and support schools as they work collaboratively to continuously improve knowledge and skills necessary for effective language arts instruction, including the use of appropriate assessments to inform practice.


Math Resources


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Mathematics is the language and science of patterns and connections. Doing mathematics is an active process of constructing meaning through exploration and inquiry. Developing mathematics proficiency requires a balance and connection between conceptual understanding and procedural and computational proficiency.


Science Resources



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Here you can find information about specific science modules, teaching tips, or science-related web sites.

What the future holds in store for individuals, the nation, and the world depends largely on the wisdom with which humans use science and technology. And that, in turn, depends on the character and effectiveness of the education that people receive.


Fine and Performing Arts


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The Carnegie Task Force on Education of Young Adolescents has stated, "The fine arts are part of a basic core curriculum through which all students should be expected to succeed as learners in critical thinking, expressing themselves clearly, and synthesizing subject matter across the disciplines studied."   The fundamental way in which we experience our world and express our selves is through the arts, and arts education develops essential skills and abilities for successful 21st century citizens

updated 5/14/2009