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What We Do

Roseburg Public Schools has a variety of Alternative Learning opportunities available to students whose needs, interests, or learning styles would best be served in an alternative setting. (OAR 581-022-1350, Board Policy IGBHA)

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Who can I speak to about options?

  • Contact a school administrator or counselor at the school in which your child is currently enrolled to discuss available alternative learning opportunities.
  • If your child is not currently enrolled in a public school, contact the Alternative Education Office directly at 541-440-8278.
  • Students will be recommended based upon academic, social and/or behavioral records and needs.


In District Programs


ACES (Alternative Center for Educational Success) GED

The ACES program is centrally and conveniently located at 948 SE Roberts Ave, Roseburg, OR 97470 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. Students referred and accepted to the GED program are those who are at least 16, and lacking the needed credits to graduate in a reasonable amount of time. Students referred to the GED program are students within a close range to obtaining a GED based on an academic assessment / indicator given. Maximum capacity for this program is 20 students. A student may also be referred to the Pre-GED program.

Enrollment period is flexible, but students are expected to attend daily.  Students will be held to the same code of conduct as any student in the school district.