Homeless & Runaway Youth Services

What We Do

Sam Moore

The goal of the Roseburg Public Schools Homeless and Runaway Youth Services Program is to offer an equal opportunity for homeless and runaway youth to continue their education. Confidentiality and integrity are important components of this program for youth and their families and is a critical part of providing a supportive and safe environment for students to continue to learn.

We believe that healthy school and family relationships are vital to a student's success. The desired outcomes are to continue to provide an education for the student and to refer families to services that will help them through difficult times.

Juliana Marez
Homeless & Runaway
Youth Services Liaison



Homeless and Runaway Youth Services

Homeless and Runaway Youth Services are available to all Roseburg Public School students through the Office of Student Services and Title I. Housed in the Roseburg Public School District Administration office, this program provides information to homeless and runaway youth who wish to pursue their education and who may also need information about community resources available to them.

Students and/or their families may contact the Homeless and Runaway Youth Services liaison by calling 541-440-8275. Students may also be referred to the program by their school counselor or other school staff members.

Once contact is made, a variety of services are available. With a permission to transport form signed by a parent or legal guardian, emergency transportation can be provided to ensure that students continue to attend school until bus transportation can be arranged. Emergency transport to medical or social services appointments during school hours can also be arranged. School supplies, plus some clothing, laundry, and hygiene products, are available for students served in the program. 

Staff development is provided to all schools to ensure that students and families in need are appropriately identified and referred. The program liaison is also involved in community outreach activities to ensure appropriate support and connections within our community.