Student Services

About our Department

helping handsThe Office of Student Services (OSS) provides district-wide management of programs providing both direct services to students with specialized needs.

These programs include:

The OSS works in partnership with all district departments, educational programs and staff to provide high quality educational services designed to support all students in achieving at high levels.

  • Staff
Rick Burton Brie McComb Randal Olsen
Rick Burton
Director of Student Services

Melissa Roberts
Administrative Coordinator Student Services

Randal Olsen
Principal Rose School

Jenny Bell Brie McComb Brie McComb
Jenny Bell
Administrative Assistant
to Student Services
Kathryn Pastor
Student Services
Office Manager

Missey Denzer
Rose School

Office Manager

Alison McAfee Jonathan Sharpe Tonya Phillips
Alison McAfee
Alternative Ed Casemanager
Special Ed Teacher
Jonathan Sharpe
Alternative Ed Teacher- GED/Home Inst.
Tonya Phillips
Alternative Ed Instructional Assistant - GED/Home Inst.
Brie McComb Anela Plunkett ReBecca Hupp-Dukes

Anela Plunkett
School Psychologist

ReBecca Hupp
School Psychologist

Melanie Kellam Kelly Kirk Karen O'Brien
Melanie Kellam
School Psychologist
Kelly Kirk
School Psychologist
Karen O'Brien
School Psychologist
Katie Follmar Juliana Marez Sam Moore
Katie Follmar
Autism Consultant

Juliana Marez
Indian Ed & Homeless Liaison

Sue Ann Moore
PBIS Coach
Drug & Alcohol Prevention Specialist