Title VII, American Indian Education

What We Do

Juliana Marez

The Title VII program is administered through the office of Student Services at 1419 Valley View Drive, Roseburg OR 97471. You are invited to come to our office 7a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Fridays during the school year or phone 541-440-8275 for information on upcoming events. Parent involvement is a strong component of our program.

There are more than twenty five different American Indian tribes with children attending Roseburg Public Schools each with their own unique culture, language and history. Roseburg Public Schools staff and students can access support and resources through the Title VII at Roseburg Schools and the Johnson O'Malley program at the Cow Creek tribal office. Together we provide cultural activities, academic skill building and referrals to higher education bridges. (read more)

Juliana Marez
McKinney Vento Program/ American Indian Education


Upcoming Year Planning

Indian Ed. parents and students you are invited to meet at Roseburg School’s School Administrative Campus in the PDC to help plan the coming Indian Education year.