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Adams, Pattie Green
Burt, Lavona Teaching & Learning
Cooper, Donna Hucrest
Couch, Joanne Teaching & Learning
Glassman, Karen Technology
Grabinski, Amelia Fremont
Leedom, Susan Green
Leest, Kelly JoLane
Mecham, Joe Fir Grove
Michalek, Tammy Teaching & Learning
Moore, Alyce Fullerton
Peterson, Dennis Maintenance Dept
Queant, Serge RHS
Reeve, Sarah JoLane
Renquist, Aparecida RHS
Russell, Elaine Melrose
Shepherd, Sandie Maintenance Dept
Sherlock, Rebecca Eastwood
Smith, Constance Hucrest
Spromberg, Roxanne Melrose
Stoelb, George Technology
Wadsworth, Kelly Fullerton
Watson, Lorrie Purchasing/ Warehouse

Roseburg School District Staff

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Insurance or Payroll Questions?

Business OperationsYou'll find lots of handy information on the Business Operations web page. Check the tabs at the bottom of the page for Business Office Info, Insurance Information and Employee Forms.

If you're looking for American Fidelity claim forms, this is where you'll find them, along with payroll cut-off dates, and PERS frequently asked questions.



Human Resources Questions?

Students being taught how to tell time. Visit the Human Resources Department web page for HR forms, salary schedules, bargaining updates, and bargaining agreements.

REA- Roseburg Education Association




Technology questions?

MacBookCheck out our Technology webpage, where you'll find technology trouble-shooting tips, school technology contacts, class handouts, and acceptable use forms among other things.