Honors and Awards

crystal appleRoseburg School District employees have received numerous honors and awards for their hard work over the years.

Every year the Roseburg School District honor employees for their years of service. Click Here to see the pictures from this years celebration.

The Crystal Apple Award is presented by the School Board to a staff member, licensed or classified, who has gone above and beyond the call of duty in making a significant contribution to the school and the education of students in Roseburg Public Schools.

Staff Honors and Awards are those awards given by organizations outside of the Roseburg School District.

Congratulations to everyone listed below for their well earned recognition!

  • Crystal Apple Awards
  • Staff Honors & Awards


Craig Stinnett
Craig Stinnett- February


Pam Menzie
Pam Menzie- January


Dona Fullerton
Dona Fullerton- January


Stacie Jinkins
Stacie Jinkins- October



Lee Paterson
Lee Paterson- June


Mary Dietrich
Mary Dietrich- May


Melissa Houston
Melissa Houston- May


Jennifer Fox
Jennifer Fox- May


Branden Hansen
Branden Hansen- April


Michelle Altermatt
Michelle Altermatt- April


Christina Byrd
Christina Byrd- April


PJ Elliott
PJ Elliott- March


Heather Bolin
Heather Bolin- February


Martha Weber
Martha Weber- December


Carole Whitehead
Carole Whitehead- November


Traci Jo Martin
Traci Jo Martin- October



Stephanie Arents
Stephanie Arents- May


Judy Kulluson
Judy Kulluson- May


Mindy George
Mindy George- April


Becky Wilson
Becky Wilson- April


Barbara Grant
Barbara Grant- April


Jennifer Morrow
Jennifer Morrow- February


Joni Carlson
Joni Carlson- February


Douglas Tyson
Douglas Tyson- November


James Muno
James Muno- October


Laura Harvey
Laura Harvey- September



Bridget Batsch
Bridget Batsch - May


Sandra Bannister
Sandra Bannister - May


Pattie Adams
Pattie Adams - April


Shirley Bice
Shirley Bice - April


David Kemmerle
David Kemmerle - March


Jenny Bell
Jenny Bell - February


Jennifer Cotton
Jennifer Cotton - February


Amy Wilson
Amy Wilson - February


Missey Denzer
Melissa "Missey" Denzer - January


Theresa O'Connell
Theresa O'Connell - January


Eileen Stanton
Eileen Stanton - December


Karen Kennedy
Karen Kennedy - November


Eddie Campbell
Eddie Campbell - October



Sis Heath
Cecelia "Sis" Heath - May


Debbie Baxter
Debbie Baxter - May


Joel Mizell
Joel Mizell - May


Kelly Wadsworth
Kelly Wadsworth - May


Lori Chartier
Lori Chartier - April


Mickey Everhart
Mickey Everhart - April


Debbie Ross
Debbie Ross - April


Jennifer Thompson
Jennifer Thompson - March


Traci Smith
Traci Smith - February


Grant Patitz
Grant Patitz - February


Lisa DiRezze
Lisa DiRezze- January


Traci Martin
Traci Martin - January


Lorrie Watson
Lorrie Watson - October



  • Tatum Stedman - May
  • Sheri Carson - May
James Schvaneveldt
James Schvaneveldt - March


  • Jeff Jackson - January
Jim Walker
Jim Walker - November


Myrt Thames
Myrt Thames - October



Serge Queant
Serge Queant - May


Donna Moss
Donna Moss - April


Vikki Pennington
Vikki Pennington - March


Cynthia Maldonado
Cynthia Maldonado - January


Cathy Porter
Cathy Porter - November


Kelly Leest
Kelly Leest - October



Karen Cornwell
Karen Cornwell - April


Buffie Gillespie
Buffie Gillespie - March


Marie Felgentrager
Marie Felgentrager - January


Rolf Bloomquist
Rolf Bloomquist - November


Tammy Withee
Tammy Withee - October



Marcia Jaques
Marcia Jaques - April


Jody Saveland
Jody Saveland - February


Andrea Berggreen
Andrea Berggreen - November


Barb Clark
Barb Clark - October



Lisa Eagan
Lisa Eagan - April


Kris Kelso
Kris Kelso - February


Stephen Buckley
Stephen Buckley - January


Toni Batson
Toni Batson - November


Dina Marschall
Dina Marschall - October



Lynn Mathweg
Lynn Mathweg - April


Beneta Spencer
Beneta Spencer - February


Carol Latall
Carol Latall - February


Nancy Myers
Nancy Myers - November


Ken Fazio, Ted Wilton, & Jill Swinn
Ken Fazio, Ted Wilton, & Jill Swinn - October



Stephanie Neyhart
Stephanie Neyhart - May


Carrie Aarhus
Carrie Aarhus - April


Beth Zuver
Beth Zuver - April


Brenda Cunningham
Brenda Cunningham - March


Nora Eaton
Nora Eaton - February


  • Melanie Trevisiol - January
  • Darin Lomica - December
  • Emily McLaughlin - November
  • Mary McClintock - October


  • Carol Sherwood - May
  • Denise Emery - April
  • Will Taucher - March
  • Gwen Bartlett - February
  • Cynthia Wicks - January
  • Judy Smith - December
  • John Pecorilla - November
  • Donna Spicer - October


  • Linda Dwight - May
  • June Kuitert - May
  • Patty Brown - April
  • PJ Milholland - April
  • Juliana Marez - April
  • Patti Hagan - March
  • Randy Smolensky - February
  • Pat Wafer - November
  • Bruce Walker - October


  • Denise Brausam - June
  • Diane Hoffine - May
  • Chris Backen - April
  • Kathy Swanson - March
  • Linda Bahr - February
  • Joy Malone - December
  • Ron McGuire - October


  • Debby Russell - May
  • Rosemary Brinkley - April
  • Shannon Witty - March
  • Micki Hall - February
  • Kitten Winterberry - January
  • Lee Chavez - December
  • Ruth Kaser - November
  • Don Crossfield - October


  • Sandie Shepherd - One of the National Recipients of the Life Changer of the Year Award.
  • Serge Queant - Mentor of the Year by the Oregon Restaurant and Lodging Education Foundation.


  • Jill Weber - Oregon RTI Implementer of the Year awards for 2014-15
  • Fremont Middle School - Earning a Level 5 on the new Oregon school report cards placing them in the top 10% of Oregon elementary and middle schools.


  • Amy Jo Rodriguez - Oregon Vice Principal of the Year - 2012


  • Marlene Petersen - The Umpqua Partners Board Member Super Hero Award


  • Cary Cermak-Rudolph - Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science
  • Sherri Good - George Washington Teacher Grant
  • Carol Sherwood - George Washington Teacher Grant
  • Juliana Marez - Tenison Haley Outstanding Individual Contribution Award
  • Beth Zuver - Walmart Teacher of the Year - Douglas County


  • Douglas County Golden Apple Awards
    Yvonne O'Neil, Cary Cermak-Rudolf, Cynthia Towers, Kris Kelso, Karen Finlay, Nicki Opp, Dort Decker, Rebecca Sherlock, Stephanie Kahler, Mike Hoque, Sara Young, John Pecorilla, and Ron Goodell
  • Roseburg Culinary Team - Best Overall & Best Presentation
  • Andrea Berggreen - National Board Certification
  • Ruth Kaser - National Board Certification


  • Douglas County Golden Apple Awards
    Jeanne Sherwood, Jennifer Morrow, Linda Dwight, Patty Brown, Diane Phelps, Darin Lomica, Pat Mehlhoff, Sherry Rutledge, Ann Carey, Lisa Hall, Debra Gaddis, and Carol Fey
  • Tammy Rasmussen - Award Finalist - Presidential Award for Mathematics Instruction
  • Roseburg High School - School Library Honor Roll Award
  • Roseburg School District - Excellence in Financial Reporting


  • Denise Brausam - Golden Apple Award - June
  • Douglas County Golden Apple Awards
    Joy Malone, Debbie Russell, Chris Backen, Rosemary Brinkley, Lee Chavez, Melissa Plummer, Kitten Winterberry, Diane Hoffine, Shannon Witty, Kathi Swanson, Ruth Kaser, Ron McGuire, Don Crossfield, Micki Hall and Linda Bahr
  • Kitten Winterberry - Walmart Teacher of the Year
  • Don Crossfield - "A Student Progress Report"
    (Published in the Oregon Mathematics Teacher - May/June Edition)
  • Kim Clary - "Modeling the Seafloor"
    (Published in Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School - April Edition)
  • Fullerton IV Elementary School - School of Distinction


  • Karen O'Brien - Presidential Award from the National Association of School Psychologists
  • Bonnie Ringen - National Board Certification
  • Kitt Sheridan - National Board Certification
  • Mary Malone - Elected as delegate to the National Education Association Representative Assembly
  • Tammy Rasmussen - Elected as delegate to the National Education Association Representative Assembly
  • Philip Bowser - Elected as Secretary to the NASP Children's Fund
  • Philip Bowser - Elected as Trustee to the NASP Children's Fund
    (a national charity run by school psychologists)


  • Carol Sherwood - National Board Certification
  • Debra Allen - National Board Certification
  • Jim Knapp - Elected COSA President
  • Karen Goirigolzarri - Elected NASSP State Coordinator
  • Karen O'Brien - Elected as Oregon Delegate to the National Assocation of School Psychologists


  • Fred Rapp - Walmart's Teacher of the Year - 2003
  • Lee Paterson - 1st Citizen Award 2002
  • Sherryl Bailey and Don Crossfield - National Board Certification
  • Sandy Lipsey - Oregon Vice Principal of the Year - 2002


  • Karen Goirigolzarri - Oregon Principal of the Year - 2001
  • Juliana Marez - Civil Rights Achievement Award
  • Juliana Marez - Educator of the Year 2001 - Oregon Indian Ed Assoc.
  • Ron McGuire - National Outstanding Teacher Nominee
  • Roseburg School District - United Way Award - 2001