Student of the Month Awards

Certificates of Accomplishment

Student Achievement

At each regularly scheduled board meeting the School Board awards Certificates of Accomplishment to Students of the Month in the Roseburg School District.

Congratulations to each of the students listed below for their well earned recognition!


February 2020

Rudra Patel

Rudra Patel - Fir Grove Elementary


Aubree Ferguson

Aubree Ferguson - Fullerton IV Elementary


Arlie Aasen

Arlie Aasen - Fremont Middle School


January 2020

Kaitlynn Younce

Kaitlynn Younce - Sunnyslope Elementary School


Mallory Austin

Mallory Austin - Eastwood Elementary School


Alexis Huber

Alexis Huber - Joseph Lane Middle School


Zachary Traul

Zachary Traul - Roseburg High School


December 2019

Graham Fisk

Graham Fisk - Green Elementary School


Isabelle Hervey

Isabelle Hervey - Roseburg High School


November 2019

Leelah Campos

Leelah Campos - Melrose Elementary School


Lillian Hollenbeck

Lillian Hollenbeck - Sunnyslope Elementary School


Aaron Stringer

Aaron Stringer - Fremont Middle School


Glenn Kemmerle

Glenn Kemmerle - Jo Lane Middle School


October 2019

Marigold Brooks

Marigold Brooks - Fir Grove Elementary


Taylor Needles

Taylor Needles - Fullerton IV Elementary


Rebecca Abdulbashir

Rebecca Abdulbashir - Hucrest Elementary


Luella Nestripke

Luella Nestripke - Eastwood Elementary



May 2019

Jeshuran Kumar

Jeshuran Kumar - Winchester Elementary


Lexie Churchill

Lexie Churchill - Jo Lane Middle School


Kamron Dillon

Kamron Dillon - Fullerton IV Elementary


Lincoln Sproed

Lincoln Sproed - Sunnyslope Elementary


Maxwell Kirby

Maxwell Kirby - Winchester Elementary


German Perez-Mendez

German Perez-Mendez - Fremont Middle School


April 2019

Vivian Fortier

Vivian Fortier - Fir Grove Elementary


Aiden Frownfelter

Aiden Frownfelter - Green Elementary


Michael Bober

Michael Bober - Roseburg High School


Tegun Russell

Tegun Russell - Hucrest Elementary


Dallin Shumway

Dallin Shumway - Melrose Elementary


March 2019

Isabella Lovitt

Isabella Lovitt - Eastwood Elementary


Drayson Scheel

Drayson Scheel - Hucrest Elementary


Jasmine Morales

Jasmine Morales - Sunnyslope Elementary


Madison Juett

Madison Juett - JoLane Middle School


Alicia "Ally" Woodring

Alicia "Ally" Woodring - Roseburg High School


February 2019

Danika Geyer

Danika Geyer - Fir Grove Elementary


Emmanuel Guzman-Bravo

Emmanuel Guzman-Bravo - Fullerton IV Elementary


Sahalie Nelson

Sahalie Nelson - Fremont Middle School


January 2019

Allison Carr

Allison Carr - Hucrest Elementary


Case Sutton

Case Sutton -Melrose Elementary


December 2018

Julie Ojeda-Guzman

Julie Ojeda-Guzman - Eastwood Elementary


Zoey Anderson

Zoey Anderson - Fullerton IV Elementary


Tucker Jinkins

Tucker Jinkins - Roseburg High School


November 2018

Alex Hill

Alex Hill - Fir Grove Elementary


Amy Carpenter

Amy Carpenter - Fremont Middle School


William Willis

William Willis - JoLane Middle School


October 2018

Riley Henderson

Riley Henderson - Green Elementary


Regan Clark

Regan Clark - Sunnyslope Elementary


Hunter Stephens

Hunter Stephens - Eastwood Elementary


Micali Harvey

Micali Harvey - Melrose Elementary



May 2018

Kirra Farrer

Kirra Farrer - Eastwood Elementary


Max Johnson

Max Johnson - Fir Grove Elementary


Conner Dryden

Conner Dryden - Winchester Elementary


April 2018

Troy Wisby

Troy Wisby - Green Elementary


Kyler Fatkin

Kyler Fatkin - Sunnyslope Elementary


March 2018

Olivia Stephens

Olivia Stephens - Hucrest Elementary


Josiah Buster

Josiah Buster - Roseburg High School


February 2018

Sophia Stewart-Swallow

Sophia Stewart-Swallow - Fir Grove Elementary


Savannah Ashby

Savannah Ashby - Green Elementary


Grace Brand

Grace Brand - Fremont Middle School


Talan Leonard

Talan Leonard - Fullerton Elementary


Jacob McGinnis

Jacob McGinnis - Sunnyslope Elementary


January 2018

Helena Pappas

Helena Pappas - Eastwood Elementary


Ava Bryan

Ava Bryan - Winchester Elementary


Shelby Moore

Shelby Moore - Winchester Elementary


Kohle Hadwen

Kohle Hadwen - Melrose Elementary


Hunter Fullerton

Hunter Fullerton - Joseph Lane Middle School


December 2017

Tyler Rietmann

Tyler Rietmann - Hucrest Elementary


Maria Robelo

Maria Robelo - Roseburg High School


November 2017

Sabastian Hennebeck

Sabastian Hennebeck - Fir Grove Elementary


Grace Harris

Grace Harris - Green Elementary


Liliana Powers

Liliana Powers - Sunnyslope Elementary


October 2017

Brian Jones

Brian Jones - Eastwood Elementary


Apollonia Heap

Apollonia Heap - Fullerton IV Elementary


Zoe Traul

Zoe Traul - Fremont Middle School


Quentynn "Quynn" Curland

Quentynn "Quynn" Curland - Joseph Lane Middle School


Michelle Mai

Michelle Mai - Roseburg High School


September 2017

Owen Bentea

Owen Bentea - Melrose Elementary



May 2017

Esteban Webber-Bernal

Esteban Webber-Bernal - Eastwood Elementary


Isabel Stribling

Isabel Stribling - Fremont Middle School


Isaac Webb

Isaac Webb - Fullerton IV Elementary


Alexavier Gibbons

Alexavier Gibbons - Sunnyslope Elementary


Carson Townsend

Carson Townsend - Roseburg High School


April 2017

Malia Narciso

Malia Narciso - Green Elementary


Parker Blackketter

Parker Blackketter - Hucrest Elementary


Brayden Michael

Brayden Michael - Joseph Lane Middle School


Melanie Abrao

Melanie Abrao - Fir Grove Elementary


Braedon Wilcox

Braedon Wilcox - Fullerton IV Elementary


Johnathan Keller

Johnathan Keller - Melrose Elementary


March 2017

Cheyenne Morgan

Cheyenne Morgan - Fullerton IV Elementary


Gavin O'Connor

Gavin O'Connor - Winchester Elementary


Maaria Chaudhry

Maaria Chaudhry - Roseburg High School


February 2017

Alice Burkett

Alice Burkett - Eastwood Elementary


Catelynrose Hardin

Catelynrose Hardin - Fir Grove Elementary


Emma Kahler

Emma Kahler - Melrose Elementary


Jacquelinn Ledbetter

Jacquelinn Ledbetter - Sunnyslope Elementary


Preston Smith

Preston Smith - Fremont Middle School


Spencer Whitaker

Spencer Whitaker - Roseburg High School


January 2017

Mayson Heuberger

Mayson Heuberger - Green Elementary

Ella McDonald

Ella McDonald - Hucrest Elementary

Melanie "Melly" Starke-Halleron

Melanie "Melly" Starke-Halleron - Eastwood Elementary

Ian Williams

Ian Williams - Winchester Elementary

Rylee Juett

Rylee Juett - Jo Lane Middle School


December 2016

Oscar Stribling

Oscar Stribling - Fir Grove Elementary


Madison Juett

Madison Juett - Hucrest Elementary


Garrett Zeimet

Garrett Zeimet - Fremont Middle School


November 2016

Edgar Araiza

Edgar Araiza - Melrose Elementary


Kianna Gordon

Kianna Gordon - Sunnyslope Elementary


Peyton Fisher

Peyton Fisher - Winchester Elementary


October 2016

Alyanna McNett

Alyanna McNett - Green Elementary


Milo Kirby

Milo Kirby - JoLane Middle School



May 2016

Carter Alexander-Gingery - Fullerton IV Elementary


Kaelinn Coil - Sunnyslope Elementary


Trent Johnson - Winchester Elementary


April 2016

Natalie Hall - Hucrest Elementary School


Carmen Felgentrager - Melrose Elementary School


Mayah Pappas - JoLane Middle School


Wyatt Hernandez - Fullerton IV Elementary


Bradyn Watson - Green Elementary


Lily Ranger - Fremont Middle School


March 2016

Boston Williams - Eastwood Elementary


Brady Nunemaker - Fir Grove Elementary


Taylor McCombs - Sunnyslope Elementary


Daniel Koenig - Roseburg High School


February 2016

Mackenzie Collard - Fullerton IV Elementary


Keelin Johnson - Green Elementary


Jazmine Dake - Winchester Elementary


Levi Nicklin - Hucrest Elementary


Avery Aasen - Melrose Elementary


January 2016

Enfernee Jay Pangilinan - Fremont Middle School


Parker Townsend - Jolane Middle School


Jessica Farrington - Roseburg High School


Emmett Kalar - Eastwood Elementary


Isabel Stribling - Fir Grove Elementary



December 2015

Kennedy Baylis-Hines - Fir Grove Elementary


Micah Wicks - Hucrest Elementary


Yajirrah Alvarado - Sunnyslope Elementary


Alexander Kuhn - Winchester Elementary


Ashtyn Hooten - Fremont Middle School


November 2015

Noah Fisk - Green Elementary


Sydney Smith - Melrose Elementary


October 2015

Alema Norris - JoLane Middle School


Dora Totoian - Roseburg High School


Hunter Fullerton - Eastwood Elementary



May 2015

Dalton Pariani - JoLane Middle School


Alyssa Burk - Green Elementary


April 2015

Micah Lake - Fir Grove Elementary


Dawson Gillespie - Melrose Elementary


Aiden Luna - Winchester Elementary


Savaun Deng - Fir Grove Elementary


Abby Hooten - Fullerton IV Elementary


Adrianna Sapp - Sunnyslope Elementary


Cody Early - Roseburg High School


March 2015

Heath Lethlean - Eastwood Elementary


Rylee Juett - Hucrest Elementary


Kyler Blocher - Fremont Middle School


February 2015

Alannah Thennes - Green Elementary


Jonathan Stone - JoLane Middle School


Katherine McFarlane - Roseburg High School


Nathanuel Gross- Winchester Elementary


Braxton Tabor- Melrose Elementary


January 2015

John Silva - Fullerton IV Elementary


Kylan Hurley - Sunnyslope Elementary


Kenedi Wisby - Eastwood Elementary


Eliza Eckman - Hucrest Elementary


Peyton Manning - Fremont Middle School


December 2014

Shyla Mead - Green Elementary


Alivia Mandera -JoLane Middle School


November 2014

Bryson Rammage - Fir Grove Elementary


Preston Smith - Melrose Elementary


Corinne Walters - Roseburg High School


October 2014

Emma King - Fullerton IV Elementary


Adam Kathan - Sunnyslope Elementary


Kyle Cooley - Winchester Elementary


Samantha Buller - Eastwood Elementary


Samuel Guastaferro - Hucrest Elementary


Tucker Jinkins - Fremont Middle School



May 2014

Harrison Townsend - Jo Lane Middle School


“EJ” Pangilinan - Eastwood Elementary


Rayce Bergeron - Green Elementary


April 2014

Abby Medak - Fir Grove Elementary


Mary-Cate Moe - Melrose Elementary


Brayden Michael - Winchester Elementary


Jane Harvey - Fullerton IV Elementary


Kendall Vandine - Sunnyslope Elementary


Ma'Carry Carter-Cairo - Roseburg High School


March 2014

Miriam Childers - Hucrest Elementary School


Isabelle Hervey - Fremont Middle School


February 2014

Kaylea Frost - Green Elementary


Suzanne Pence - Jo Lane Middle School


Laney Mahlberg - Fir Grove Elementary


Haylee Schulze - Melrose Elementary


Kalista Huckins - Winchester Elementary


January 2014

McKenzie Smirl - Fullerton IV Elementary


Caden Smith - Sunnyslope Elementary


Zachary Martin - Green Elementary


Jessica Roady - Roseburg High School


Mario Rayas - Eastwood Elementary


Shastena Ponton - Hucrest Elementary


Riley Vannatta - Fremont Middle School


Brody Black - Jo Lane Middle School


November 2013

Nadege Jordan - Fir Grove Elementary


Jimmy Laws - Melrose Elementary


Tyler Turchetto - Winchester Elementary


October 2013

Rachel Bober - Fullerton IV Elementary


Ephraim Mullins - Sunnyslope Elementary


Natalie DeBell - Roseburg High School


Gian Ambrosini - Eastwood Elementary


Grant Berry - Hucrest Elementary


Adrienne Powell - Fremont Middle School



May 2013

Clayton Brelage - Green Elementary


Nicole Rammage - Rose Elementary


Jacob Allen - JoLane Middle School


April 2013

Trinity Whitley - Fir Grove Elementary


Isabelle Hervey - Melrose Elementary


Rourke Martin - Winchester Elementary


Alice Anderson - Fullerton IV Elementary


Elena Mendoza - Sunnyslope Elementary


Haley Girod - Roseburg High School


March 2013

Maggie Lewis - Eastwood Elementary


Shelby Butler - Green Elementary


Jayce Laughlin - Hucrest Elementary


April Wilson - Rose Elementary


Rachel Way - Fremont Middle School


Carson Townsend - JoLane Middle School


February 2013

Polani Magnani - Fir Grove Elementary


Ali Araiza - Melrose Elementary


Hannah Nestripke - Winchester Elementary


January 2013

Ashtyn Hooten - Fullerton IV Elementary


Austin Miars - Sunnyslope Elementary


Kelsey Fieldman - Roseburg High School


January 2013

Nathan Johnson - Eastwood Elementary


McKenna Melvin - Hucrest Elementary


Hunter Sparks - Fremont Middle School


December 2012

Archer Bergeron - Green Elementary


Laura Redmond - Rose Elementary


Anna Gade - JoLane Middle School


November 2012

Gage Baylis-Hines - Fir Grove Elementary


Doran Gillespie - Melrose Elementary


Hannah Bryan - Winchester Elementary


October 2012

Charles Anderson - Fullerton IV Elementary


Alex Woodring - Hucrest Elementary


Shawn Norton - Sunnyslope Elementary


Andrew Stone - Roseburg High School



March 2010


Tanner McCue - Fremont Middle School



Danielle Painter - Hucrest Elementary School



Maria Robelo - Eastwood Elementary School


February 2010


Taylor Beecher - JoLane Middle School



Jason Swaffar - Rose Elementary School



McKenzy Gausnell - Green Elementary School



Kourtney Lomica - Melrose Elementary School



Jacob Smith -Fir Grove Elementary School



Jessica Perry - Winchester Elementary School


January 2010


McKenzie Vogel - Eastwood Elementary



Alex Muck - Hucrest Elementary



Quinlan Morrow - Fremont Middle School



Sam Mecham - Roseburg High School



Deon Lee Olinghouse - Fullerton IV Elementary School



Johanna Cox - Sunnyslope Elementary School


December 2009


Kristyanna Pritchett -Fullerton Elementary School



Conner Perry - Rose Elementary School



Eden Davis - JoLane Middle School



Jonathan Connolly - Green Elementary School


November 2009


Caelynn Griggs - Fir Grove



Carson Townsend - Melrose Elementary



Tristan Case - Winchester Elementary School


October 2009


Cameron Campbell -Eastwood Elementary School



Natalie Lehrbach - Hucrest Elementary School



Eden Davis - Fremont Middle School



Katelyn Crawford - Sunnyslope Elementary School



Chris Galbick - RHS