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Do you ever feel like this guy?

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Before you call for help (or throw your computer out the window), try a few simple trouble shooting steps.

1. Restarting your computer is a great first step.

2. Check the cords at each end to be sure they're plugged in all the way.

3. PC users - Computer won't start up? Remove any floppy discs or CD's and restart your computer.

4. If your computer won't shut down, hold down the power button until it does. This may take 5-10 seconds.


Technology Department

What We Do

Computers for EducationThis department provides instructional technology and technical support for all district sites. The District Instructional Technology Coordinator provides oversight for the department and coordinates instructional technology activities with the rest of the Educational Services Department. One network support specialist, two district technology support specialists and two building-level technical support specialists offer
desktop hardware, desktop software, network and infrastructure support for all district sites.

Tech Support

If you've tried the basics and can't figure out your problem, email the tech support contact listed below for your school. If they can't help you solve your problem, they will put in a tech request.

We will be there as soon as possible. In the case of an emergency, give us a call at 541-440-8271.


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Gary McFarlane Karen Glassman Katy Potter

Gary McFarlane

Technology Coordinator

Karen Glassman

Information Systems Specialist

Katy Potter

Information Systems Specialist

Rob Petersen Matt Jinkins  

Rob Petersen

District Network Support Specialist

Matt Jinkins

District Technology Support Specialist

District Technology Support Specialist

  Gary Yoder  
Jason Stout
Building Technology Support Specialist

Gary Yoder
Building Technology Support Specialist


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