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Room 5
Mrs. Jackson Francis
Room 6
Mrs. Lomica


Mr. Jones

Grades 1 & 2

Room 1
Mrs. Wohlers
Room 2
Miss Wicks
Room 3
Mrs. Fazio
Room 4
Mrs. Sherwood
Room 5
Mrs. Taggart

Grade 3

Room 19
Ms. Towers
Room 20
Mrs. Johnson

Grades 4

Room 17
Mrs. Sweger
Room 21
Mrs. Williams

Grades 5 & 6

Room 9
Mrs. Harding
Room 10
Mrs. Karnes

Student Organizations

Eastwood Elementary School encourages student participation in a variety of organizations. The school offers students the opportunity to participate in Band, Chorus, Student Council, Recycle Team, or to serve as a Technology Helper.

Student Projects

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