Falcon Fundamentals:
Be Respectful
Be Responsible
Be Safe
Always do your Best

Welcome to Fir Grove!

Fir Grove Elementary School is a safe, welcoming school, where students, family members, staff, and community members are a part of our Fir Grove family.  All are valued, treated with respect, and are involved and united with a focus on learning. High standards are set and achievements are celebrated.  Students, teachers and families are enthusiastic about learning and are excelling academically and socially.  Our students will leave Fir Grove prepared for their next steps with a strong foundation and a focus on serving our community.

Mrs. Dickover, Principal



The Roseburg School District and Fir Grove Elementary School promote the belief that all children can learn and we acknowledge that parents share our commitment for the educational success of all students. We recognize that a student’s education is a responsibility shared by system, school, family, and community.

Our school works to provide opportunities for the regular involvement of parents. To ensure effectiveness of the Parent Involvement Program, our school provides opportunities for parents to become involved in the child’s education.  Please communicate with your child's teacher or principal to find out how.




Dates For:



10th- Early Release               15th- NO SCHOOL-    

Presidents' Day

16th- SKATE NIGHT 6-8

17th- Early Release

24th- Early Release

24th-Student of the  Month Assembly @ 1:45    

25th- Reading Night 6:00-7:00 26th- NO SCHOOL


1st - Booster Club meeting        @5:30 in the library

2nd- Early Release

3rd & 4th- NO SCHOOL-


9th- Early Release

12th- School Spelling Bee

13th-  Daylight Savings Time

(move clocks forward 1 hour)

15th- Skate Night 6-8

16th- Early Release

21st-25th- SPRING BREAK


30th- Early Release

30th- Student of the Month Assembly @ 1:45




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