Reading is a lifelong participation sport!


CVC (a)

  1. I see a rat.
  2. We see a bat.
  3. The hat is on the man.
  4. The man is on the van.
  5. The fat rat sat on the hat.
  6. The man is on the mat.
  7. Dan is on the pan.
  8. The fan is in the pan.
  9. Dan ran to the can.
  10. We see ham and jam.

CVC (i):

  1. I bit a fig and a yam.
  2. The pig is fat.
  3. Sam hit the ball.
  4. The mitt can fit on Dan.
  5. Pam digs a pit.

CVC (o):

  1. Jot a dot on top of the cot.
  2. The cop is on the cot.
  3. We see a hot pot and pan.
  4. He is not a pop.
  5. Sam got a lot of ham.
  6. Pop got a lot of yams

CVC (e):

  1. The pet is at the vet.
  2. The dog and cat are at the vet.
  3. Let me see the jet.
  4. The net got wet.
  5. The men are in the jet.
  6. The hen is in the pen.
  7. Ben and Ken are men.
  8. Will you get the red hat?
  9. A red ball fell in the well.

CVC (u):

  1. Can you cut the bun, Sam?
  2. It is fun to run and win.
  3. A nut in the sun is not wet.
  4. Gus is in the hut.
  5. He can fit a nut in his gut.
  6. The rut in the mud is not fun.
  7. Ken and Kim are on the bus.
  8. The pup can run on the rug.

Beginning & Ending Blends: bl, cl, fl, st, tr, ck, nd

  1. The clock can click and clack.
  2. Ben, the flag is wet.
  3. Stack the stem on the clod of mud.
  4. Flip the black pan up, Dan.
  5. I got a block for Ken.
  6. He can clap and cluck.
  7. Clem, can you clip the stick?
  8. Blond Pam is clad in black.
  9. I can step on a stack of blocks.
  10. Ham and Jam is not bland, Ted.
  11. Flick the pin in the tin bin.
  12. Ben bled red from the stick pin.
  13. They have a big truck.
  14. The boy can run on the track.

Consonant blends: sh, ch, th, wh

  1. Ted, chop the tree down!
  2. The pin is thin.
  3. Find the chest, Beth.
  4. Pam, pick a Christmas tree.
  5. He can sit when the bell rings.
  6. Why are you in the house?

Long Vowel blends: ay, ai

  1. Put the gray tray on the desk.
  2. The ship is in the bay.
  3. The stain is not gray.
  4. They went to the jail.
  5. A chain fell in the drain.
  6. He has a pain in his hand.
  7. Can you wait for us?
  8. The mail is in the box.

Long Vowel blends: oa

  1. Put the soap on your hand.
  2. A red coat fell in the mud.
  3. You can soak your hand in the water.
  4. A boat will float on water.
  5. The toad was on the road.
  6. A load of toads was in the sack.

Long Vowels blends: ee, ea

  1. Dean, clean the rug with steam!
  2. We will heat the meat and bean dish to eat.
  3. Can we beat that team or will they win?
  4. That is a neat seat to sit in and dream.
  5. It is mean to cheat when you play.
  6. A beam of sun can help you see.
  7. Beth will eat a beet and meat dish for lunch.
  8. They seem to be happy not sad.
  9. His feet are in the hot sun, but not his legs.
  10. Last week we went to his house.

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